Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke Upcoming Twist: Mehul To Unite With Mishti and Abir? #YehRishteyHainPyaarKe Trends on Twitter


Mehul starts the episode with Abir saying that he must do something and Abir should support him in it. Abir asks what he is going to do, but Mehul says that he has a surprise for him so that they should move on without wasting time.

Meanwhile, Varsha showed Rajshri a necklace made of pearls she had brought from abroad. She says that Navratri is coming and this is Kuhu’s first Navratri after her wedding so that’s why I bought stuff for everyone. She shows the necklace and Rajshree says that the necklace looks beautiful and it will look great on Kuhu too. Varsha stops her and says that I have come not for Kuhu but for Misty. She apologizes to her mother-in-law for her behavior on the day she comes home to talk about Mishti.

Rajshree forgives her and says that she will be very happy when Misty is busy in this defeat. Suddenly the doorbell rings and Rajshree runs to open it thinking that it is wrong. Rajshree is surprised to see Abir and his father comes to meet him and stands in front of the gate.

Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 8th October Preview & Highlights

They welcome him to his house and ask him to feel like home because this house too belongs to him now. Mishti enters the premises of Maheshwari’s house and according to the information she has received from Ananya, the friend she discusses is very happy in her marriage, then who really wants to say or do. The She calls you but is defeated when she drops Abir’s car in front of her house. He did not feel that the call was still on and Kuhu on the other hand was picking up the call. Misty enters the house when Mehul officially debuts the theme for Misty and Abir’s wedding. Both of them get very upset in the conversation while Kuhu gets to hear all this on the call and she starts to panic.

Mehul says that from the day I met the two, I was almost sure that the relationship between each other. I want to request all of you to give your daughter Mishti’s hand for marriage with Abir. Family members say that we cannot finalize the alliance without the presence of Meenakshi and Yashpal.

Mehul says this is really a surprise gift from my side, for both the children your daughter is a very nice girl and I have given her a lot of things. Vishwambhar says that if you want to give happiness to your son, then who am I that despite stopping you, we are happy with our alliance. Kuhu gets into a panic mode that if Kunal comes to know about this alliance, he will get angry again and his marriage will end. Kunal comes to Kuhu and pleads with him not to fight with each other for a few days as his family is going through a difficult period and they need some moments of happiness between each other in the house.

Everyone in the natural house is preparing for the Dandiya festival and they are rehearsing for the same. Yashpal tells Kaushal that it is the right time to start talking about Abir and Mishti’s marriage at home. Whatever happened to Meenakshi in her maternal home. Unfortunately before she can say anything Abhi arrives and he decides to tell the whole family about her relationship with Misty.

Meanwhile the fans of the serial started tweeting their views. #YehRishteyHainPyaarKe is currently trending on Twitter.


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