Yeh Rishta September 13 2019 Updates Fan Poll: Will Vedika Become a Negative Character and Throw Naira Out of the House? Vote Your Opinions Now!

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The September 13th episode of yeh rishta kya kehlata hai seems to have a shocking twist.Vedika is deeply hurt with Karthik’s lies about going to the factory when he actually went to meet Naira at a restaurant. It would be interesting to see how Vedika handles this situation. Kairav is increasingly wanting Karthik and Naira’s togetherness. This is creating a huge rift in Vedika’s mind.

Fans of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai are expecting Vedika to turn into a negative character in the upcoming days. What do you think will be Vedika’s reactions to Karthik and Naira’s closeness?

Vote your opinions now.

How Will Vedika React to Karthik and Naira’s Closness?

Vedika will be jealous and become a villainous character
Vedika will remove Naira out of the house
Vedika will leave Karthik and let Karthik and Naira live together
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  1. Vedika’s life is spoiled because of Karthik, Naira and Daadi. If Naira comes earlier this wouldn’t happened to Vedika . If Vedika’s father wouldnt sacrifices his life where is now Karthik would be . Naira helped Liza and what about Vedika then ? Why are you making Vedika as Villan. Everything will be taken care by Akshara before and now Naira in this serial. What is this Scriptand what do they think of other Women’s are fools can’t take care of anything . In which generation are you living guys. Now a days everybody is equal and everybody is taking care of everything.Why Vedika has to become negative character and why she needs to leave ? Karthik and naira has to accept the reality. They only left a part . Now Everything will be normal . How come ?Be some realistic .In Real life when we went out n came back our house itself changes a lot y can’t be the people then..Why can’t be Vedika more smarter than the Naira and handle all the things .


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