Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update26 September 2019 – Karthik arrives at Naira’s house at midnight


In today’s episode, Karthik does not seem to feel like a coward. Karev has gone to Nama’s maternal uncle’s house, in which case Karthik will call him again and again but will handle himself. Naqsh plays with Kairav in Naira’s house. Dadi feeds him laddu and everyone is very happy. Naira apologizes to Dadi and she forgives him.

Karthik thinks that he will call Kairav again. He would leave his room to go somewhere thinking. So the same Vedika will see that the AC fixers are working in the room, she will get angry from them and if she comes out of there, then Manish and Swarna will be seen in front of them, they will ask her about Karthik but Vedika will say that she does not know where she is. Manish will call Karthik but Karthik’s phone will not pick up.

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Karthik must have reached Naira’s house. Where Naira is sleeping with the Kairava. Naira snores loudly so that the Kairava does not sleep, he escapes from there. On one hand, Karthik thinks outside Naira’s house how he goes inside the house, and in a short time Kairava calls Karthik from Naira’s phone and says that he is missing her. Karthik tells him that he is outside his house.

The coward somehow opens the gate and both come inside. Kairav ​​and Karthik play a lot. They have fun and then they both sleep together. Manish panics Naira and asks if Karthik is there, to which Naira refuses. But the next moment she sees that the coward is not there either. She comes down and calls Kairav. All the households come to him.

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Naira tells that neither Karthik is in the house nor Kairav. Everyone gets nervous. Kairava does not find Naira, then Naqsh calls Karthik’s phone which is in the gate of those people house. Naira soon gets noticed that Kairav ​​and Karthik are sleeping on the couch, they see both of them sleeping affectionately. And becomes happy that Vedika’s call comes to Naira there. She asks Naira about Karthik, on which Naira tells that Karthik is there.



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