Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 16th September 2019 – Karthik again trapped between two wives!

yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 16 september 2019

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update for Monday September 16 2019. Lisa cried bitterly after seeing Surekha aunty. Naira is upset for Lisa and Karthik embraces Naira. Naira asks Karthik if he trusts me that Lisa is lying. After this, Naira remembers old things about how Karthik asked him the question whether something happened in the hotel room or not? After this Naira says no no Karthik you don’t trust me. On this, Karthik says – If the dead have been uprooted, then listen to the whole thing. If I made a mistake to ask you a question, you did not answer. Both of them start arguing again and both of them say that we should talk about Akhilesh Chachu and Lisa at this time and not about ourselves.

After this, Karthik and Naira return home, both of them do not want to separate from each other but have to be, Naira says that if there is a need, I go to sleep late. Karthik says do not think of yourself alone as I am with you and Lisa. Naira then tells Karthik that he should tell Vedika the truth. We went out today and may have to go further, Vedika is your wife. She should know. Naira leaves and Vedika comes from behind. She tells Karthik that they could talk at home, why did they both need to go to the cafe? Karthik does not answer anything. Vedika says that she has the right to know as she is his life partner.

The next day Naira goes to meet Sinha at Singhania House. After this, Karthik comes to know that Naira has gone to meet Lisa, then he also goes back. After this, Vedika comes out and finds that Naira has taken the white car so she is very angry. Naira meets Lisa and supports Lisa. Lisa cries a lot and Naira handles her.

Petrol runs out on the way to Karthik’s car, he finds Naira on the way. He sits in Naira’s car and starts crying thinking about Aunty, Naira holds Karthik’s hand and handles him. Then Vedika comes there and sees both of them holding hands. After this, both give a nod to Vedika. Vedika taunts Naira and comes forward to drive the car.

After this Vedika drives a car in anger, Karthik says, drive with ease. Vedika says don’t worry, I will take you to your safely. After going home, Karthik tells Vedika that you always drive like this, so better you take the driver along, otherwise you will get hurt. On this, Vedika says that injuries happen every day but you never notice. After this Vedika thinks that something has to be done.

On the other hand, Chachu is very sad and hurt seeing Lisa crying, then Karthik sees him and says that you have done a lot wrong. Naira sees her aunt upset. Then Vedika comes there and taunts Naira, but Vedika explains that sometimes what we see is not true.


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