Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai SPOILER ALERT For September 16: Will Surekha Part Ways With Akhilesh Officially?


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai fans cannot wait for the weekend to get over. The upcoming week promises high voltage drama as Vedika is likely going to confront Naira for being seen with Karthik.

Yeh Rishta is one of the most celebrated TV serials of all time in India. Recently, the series completed 3000 episodes.

YRKKH Spoiler Updates: What is Likely to Happen in the Upcoming Week? – Updated Till September 15th

Earlier this week, Naira got to know that Liza’s boyfriend is none other than Akhilesh. Though he was made to meet her, Akhilesh chachu pretended to not know Liza. This resulted in a lot of confusion. Goenka’s major problem now is Vedika who is utterly disappointed with Karthik and Naira’s togetherness as she spots them together in a cafe. These were the major highlights of the past week.

In the upcoming week of YRKKH, it is expected that Naira will disclose the truth about Akhilesh to the Goenka family. Surekha will be furious on Naira for pulling out Akhilesh’s name and alleging his involvement with Lisa. Surekha might also go the extent of slapping Naira. Will this bring silent satisfaction to Vedika who is expected to turn into a negative role this week? News Crunch conducted a poll recently which revealed that the audience wanted Vedika to leave the house and Karthik and Naira to get back together. However, that is unlikely to happen in the upcoming week. After all, that’s how the drama carries along, right?


Karthik and Naira will dig deep into Akhilesh’s affair with Lisa and bring some evidence to Surekha and convince her. Surekha will eventually apologize to Naira for not believing her earlier and proceed to part ways with Akhilesh.

Will Akhilesh speak to Naira about this issue and try to get it resolved? Will Karthik talk Vedika out of their relationship? Will Naira realize again that she should not make Vedika the victim for her relationship?

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