Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30 March 2021 Written Update: A shock revelation from Karthik

yeh rishta kya kehlata hai 30 march 2021

Today’s episode begins with Sirat, who asks Karthik if he can call Kairava because he might be scared to see the inspector. Karthik tells Sirat that if he has to meet Kairav ​​either, he has to come in or not meet him. Sirot walks inside the house. Manish refuses to let Seerat step inside the Goenka house.

Karthik tells Manisha that Seerat is here to meet Kairav. Manish says that Serat Goenka cannot step inside the house. Karthik and Manish argue over Sirat. Sirat asks Karthik not to argue because he had already told her to call Karav outside.

She starts walking. Manish asks Seerat to keep going, and Karthik asks Seerat to stop. Karthik asks Manish what issue he has with Seerat. Manish asks Karthik what relationship he shares with Seerat. Karthik said that Sirat saved Karav’s life twice and thus shared a bond with Sirat. There is an argument over Sirat. The chief accused Karthik of showing additional concern for Sirat. He accused Sirat of misusing the spirit of Kairao and Karthik.

Manish asks Karthik to throw Sirat out of his house and life. He tells Karthik to focus on Riya instead of Seerat. Manish tells Karti about his alliance with Riya. Karthik was shocked.

Manish asks Karthik why he is surprised as if he does not know about it. Karthik tells Main that he is wrong because he did not say yes to marry Riya. Mainsh came to know that Karthik and Akhilesh had not discussed the marriage.

Karthik asks Mensch how he felt he was ready for marriage. Riya tells Surekha that she will not be married to Karthik. She asks Surekha to do something.

Surekha tells Riya to keep calm as Manish and Karthik are angry. Later, Karthik refuses to marry Riya. He tells Man that Riya is not present for him. In the heat of the moment, Karthik also adds that he will marry Sirat if he wants her to get married.

He says that apart from Sirat, no one can take care of his children. Manish asks Karthik if he is ready to marry Seerat. Karthik says yes and is surprised. Sirat is also stunned. She runs out of the house.

Manish tells Karthik that he deserves someone who is educated and knows family values. He says that Sirat is not a perfect match for him. Manisha tells Karthik that he is not listening to her anymore, but he will regret it one day. Karthik left the place. Riya cries and leaves the place too.

Later, Seerat gets angry at Karthik and throws glasses. Here, Karthik regrets thinking of marrying Seerat. He gets angry at himself and calls himself selfish. Karthik regrets cheating Naira.


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