Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22 august 2019 Episode : Karthik and Naira are Furious at Each Other, Crucial Drama Unfolds!


22 August 2019 : Written Update of Yeh Rishtha Kya Kehlata Hai’s Today’s Episode

Today’s episode starts with Vedika’s scene. Vedika is sitting in the hospital thinking, what should I do to go home? Dadi must be waiting, but how to go without Karthik? Karthik had said that he would not perform any rituals anymore, as Kairav ​​is hospitalized. Then the doctor and the nurse come talking, they have Karthik’s debit card in their hand, seeing this, Vedika tells them to give this card to her, she will give it to Karthik but the doctor refuses saying that this card or So will Karthik get or his wife. He then sees Naira and the doctor catches the card Naira.

Naira takes the card but she sees that Vedika has seen it. Both Vedika and Naira get uncomfortable seeing each other. Naira hands Vedika the card. Naira apologizes to Vedika and says- I did not want to come between you like this. Vedika taunts her in sadness that she has not come yet, and goes weeping. Naira also starts crying.


Karthik then comes there and Naira tells him that wait I have to talk to you. Karthik asks what does he have to talk, then Naira tells him that he should go home. Everyone in the house is waiting for him. Vedika will also be waiting, I am near to Kairava here you can go home.

Karthik furiously yells at Naira stating, Who the hell are you? Who are you to tell me anything? After this, Karthik is terribly angry and accuses Naira of several charges for which Naira answers back with rage to Karthik. The fight deepens. Karthik and Naira accuse each other to a great extent. The two tell each other that they will never forgive each other for their mistake. While they stay frustrated, both of them get tears and Naira leaves from there.

On the other hand, Surekha tells Dadi that according to the law, the relationship between Karthik, Vedika and Naira has become very complex. But Dadi says what Naira has done is wrong and the law is made for our safety.


Dadi is upset to see that Manish, Akhilesh and Samarth return home without taking Karthik. After this, grandmother calls Vedika and says that she brought Karthik from the hospital, she is a wife and rightly he brought Karthik to the house.

Vedika is upset thinking that Grandma had said but how did she bring Karthik. He does not even know where Karthik is? She sends a voice message to Karthik when Naira comes there and says that once Kairava recovers, after that she will go far away.

Karthik is in ICU near Kairav, when Grandma’s call comes, she says something before Karthik angrily says that he cannot come. Whether you send your father, send it to Vedika, come yourself or send it to God. Kairava is currently ill and I cannot come anywhere except him.

On the other hand, Naira thinks that all that was till now was between Karthik and me but now a third has also joined it. And his life should not be spoiled. Naira says that she will run away again.

What Happens in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai August 23rd Episode?

Tomorrow’s episode will show that Naira goes to Sinhania Sadan to tie Rakhi. There the guard stops her, saying that she has to tie a rakhi to her brother. Then Naksh comes there and tells her that she has come to tie a rakhi after 5 years.


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