Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 23rd January – Roshni is jealous and Parveen begins to suspect Aliya.

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka

Mr. Chotu and Sara are playing with the baby, Chotu remarks that the baby looks nothing like Aman. Parveen comes there, sends them away and thinks that she will hand over the baby to jinn, getting all her sifriti powers back. Aliya senses something and goes back to her room where Parveen tells the child that your father was of no use to me but you can be of great help. She starts leaving with the child and stops seeing Aliya, she covers up saying that the child was crying so she came over.

Roshni is talking to Farah who tells her that her life is nothing less than a soap opera with jinn, ex-girlfriend, babies and all. Farah says that there is a connection between Aliya and Aman through the child, which can never be broken. Roshni questions “what if the child is not Aman’s?” to which Farah answers Is she suspecting it or wishing for it? Just then they hear a crash.


Baazigar gets into Aliya’s room, sees the snake on her neck and creates a ruckus. Aman and the rest of the family gets there, Aliya tells them that Baazigaar was going for the baby. Roshni defends Baazigar saying he is the most sensible one. Aliya asks Aman to keep him out of the house for the child’s safety and he agrees. Roshni notices a wound on Aliya’s neck and offers help but she declines.

Tabeezi is working on the ring when Roshni comes there, she hastily hides the ring. Roshni shares her frustration on not being able to touch Aman, requesting her to find a way sooner. Tabeezi asks her to be patient and shows her that she is working on it while also sharing with her that even Aman has called her twice. Roshni becomes happy listening to this and says she only came there because Aman was desperate. Parveen seeks an opportunity to take the child but is unable to get one. She starts getting suspicious regarding Aliya’s motives. Her finger starts turning reddish, she thinks that the effect of not wearing the ring is beginning to show. She is only a normal jinn without the ring and cannot take a human form much longer.

Roshni and Aman share a moment where she tells him one desperate husband is after Tabbezi to find a way so he can touch his wife. Aman says he is not desperate. Roshni cuts in accidentally revealing she has been to visit Tabeezi for the same. He teases her saying even the wife seems to be desperate. She confesses to being jealous as everyone can touch him except her. She further adds “Even Farah was saying people who have a child together share a bond.” Aaman reminds her they share a bond of heart saying “Aman Junaid Khan was, is and will always belong to Roshni.”


Roshni questions him on shutting Baazigar in the cage. He answers the family is not in danger some people are after the child and not Jinn. Further, he has already begun an investigation, as soon as he figures it out he will shift Aliya and the child to some safe place. An eyelash falls on Roshni’s cheek, he blows and captures it, placing it in her palms. She questions him what should she wish for? He answers a desperate husband knows what he wants. She turns around, make a wish. Aman stands in front of her saying “your wish is fulfilled, I will always be present in front of you.” They share a moment.


Precap: Roshni tells Aman that she feels like an outsider, like him, Aliya and the child are a happy family and she is the one intruding. Aman tells her she can never be an outsider, as she always lives in his heart. Aliya watches the entire conversation with a self-satisfied smirk.


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