Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 23rd January 2020 Written Update Aliya and the child to stay in Junaid mansion. Roshni suspects Aliya’s intentions.

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka

Roshni tells Aman that she has no problem with his past but they do not have any reason to believe that the baby is his. Dadi comes there and tells that Roshni is right and they need to find who the father of the baby is. Bua asks her how can she even say that. Dadi tells her that she was talking about the baby, not her. Aman tells Aliya that he is not doubting her but the family needs some kind of assurance that the baby belongs to the family. Aliya replies “I understand, we were in a relationship before but he is married now and his wife and family will need to be sure.”

Tabbezi drops the ring in a crystal vessel and says an incantation, to take her to the owner of the ring. Parveen feels that someone is trying to get to her through the ring, so she blocks the attempt. Aman is sleeping Roshni comes there straightens his covers and cries not being able to touch him. She leaves and her dupatta falls behind. Aman wakes up feeling Roshni’s tears, sees her leaving he sleeps holding her dupatta.

Roshni while going back to her room sees Aliya sitting decked up as a bride. She enters Aliya’s room and finds her sitting on the bed rocking the baby. Roshni covers up saying that she came to check on her and the baby. Aliya looks on with a villainous expression as Roshni leaves.

Parveen tries to find out who has her ring, she remembers tabeezi seeing the flash. Thinking of a way to get back the ring, she calls out to the black sky. The jinn appears and tells her the way. She thinks that to get her ing back she must trade her blood and that means Aman.

Dadi asks what does the DNA reports say, Aman, says that he is the father of the child. Everyone is shocked. Aliya says I hope no one has doubts anymore and she apologizes to Aman for making the situation awkward. She says that if it was not for the child’s safety she would have left. She asks them if they would take care of the child when no one answers, she says I got my answer and is about to leave when Aman stops her saying that the child will stay in this house and so will she. Aliya says that she cannot stay as it will be awkward for Roshni. She begins to leave, Roshni stops her saying, to separate a child from its mother is the greatest sin. She says she cannot let that happen.

Dadi says the child is our blood we are responsible, we have to find a suitable and safe place for Aliya and child to stay. Parveen hears this hence thinks that if the child is Aman’s then he has Parveen’s blood. She decided to use him to get her ring. She tells Dadi that if someone is after the child, as the child is Aman’s no one can him except this family. Dadi questions how they can stay in the same house as Roshni? Parveen answers that once she was asked the same question about Rubina and she has regretted her decision always.

Parveen asks Roshni to think and make a decision, Roshni asks Aman. Aman answers that the child would be safer in the house. Roshni then agrees on them staying. Aliya smirks victoriously and Roshni notices her expression. Parveen asks her to think again as it will be difficult for any wife to tolerate another woman in her husband’s life. The child begins to cry and Parveen takes the child and gives him to Aman, the child stops crying. Roshni says the child is safe here and leaves excusing herself while everyone looks on.

Aman finds Roshni sitting near the fountain and crying, he apologizes to her for the situation he has put her in. he further says that a child without a father has to grow up sooner and he does not wish it upon his child. Roshni answers that nothing is as it seems in Jinn and Ayana’s life. Aman asks what she means, she says the baby is not his. He says that the DNA reports were positive, she says the report can be changed and he answers that they were from the family doctor and Aliya has no reason to lie.


Roshni confides in Aman about her seeing Aliya dressed as a bride, he answers that she is a designer and might be trying one of her designs. Roshni says “something does not seem right about Aliya, her Ayana senses…..” Aman interrupts her saying its not Ayana’s senses but her insecurity. Consequently, he tells her that he can understand her insecurity but he cannot turn his back on his responsibilities.

Precap: Aman is playing with a child while Aliya watches them. Roshni looks on….. Baazigar comes and starts screeching. Baazigar is scolded by Aman. Roshni says there might be some reason maybe he can sense some kind of trouble. Aliya questions Roshni what trouble is she talking about.



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