Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 5th February: Taabezi has an unique way to find the father of the baby!!! Can Roshni prove that the baby is Kabir’s and not Aman’s?


Roshni asks Aman to look in Alia’s direction, Aman looks and asks her, what is it? She answers Alia was there in a bridal outfit. Aman argues that she was in the normal outfit, he further adds Alia is a normal human being, not a Jinn. Roshni again sees Alia in the bridal outfit, she concedes that Alia is not a Jinn but she is not what he thinks. She is about to reveal about Alia but Aman interrupts her saying he had promised her that he will trust her. Now she has to promise him that she will give him the chance to trust her. He further adds she will only blame Alia again if she has proof against her. She agrees.

Roshni tells Taabezi that Alia is another Ayana but an evil one with the name Haiwaana. Taabezi tells Roshni that there are good and bad Ayana’s. The bad Ayana has evil powers. Roshni says how can she convince Aman about Alia when he has got so attached to the baby and the baby is not even his. Taabezi questions her how can she say that when Aman himself has agreed that he was in a relationship with Alia and the DNA reports say so. Roshni tells her that it’s her Ayana senses. Taabezi assures Roshni that she will succeed in bringing out Alia’s truth.

The whole family is at the dining table and the whole confusion about the baby’s name arises again. Dadi tells Alia that she should give the baby a name. Aman suggests that they should keep the naming ceremony once again. Alia says she does not want to impose on the family, Dadi assures that the baby has a right on this house and its people.

Alia points out that they have not found the kidnapper or the reason behind it yet. Parveen gets tensed and tells Alia there is no point in it. Aman disagrees and says they have to find out the reason as to whom the baby has danger and why? Sara says it does not mean the baby cannot have a normal life. Aman says they will arrange the naming ceremony in the evening.

Alia agrees and while leaving comes across Roshni. She stops her and says “Have you heard the naming ceremony is in the evening, whatever the name might be it will end with Aman Junaid Khan.” She further adds very soon she will be Alia Aman Junaid Khan. Roshni laughs it off and asks her to stop dreaming. She goes ahead and tells her there is a lot of time between morning and evening anything can happen till then. They challenge each other.

Aman sees them talking and goes over to them, Alia leaves by then and Aman asks Roshni what were they talking about? She tells him they were discussing evening function and everything should be according to Alia’s wishes as she is the mother of the child.

The whole family has light banter regarding Aman’s childhood pictures wherein most of them he is dressed up as a girl child. Everyone teases Aman calling him Amni. He gets annoyed and starts to leave Roshni stops him and teases him further. Parveen notices a photo of Kabir’s and takes it aside thinking she has to hide it without anyone noticing.

Farah gets there and tells Roshni that her mother has sent her on a secret mission. On being asks she dramatically informs that she is here to collect a strand of baby’s hair. Roshni tells her it’s quite easy and Farah asks her to do it.

They arrive near the baby and wait for Alia to leave before approaching the baby. Sara asks Roshni to take care of the baby and leaves with Mr. Chotu. Roshni talks to the baby and asks the baby’s permission to take his hair. She tries but is unable to do it as she does not want to cause the baby any pain. She is about to leave and notices an eyelash on the baby’s cheek and takes it.

Roshni fondles the baby as a result, the baby starts chewing on Roshni’s finger. Aman comes there and frees her finger asking her why she did not do it herself? She answers that if she would have done that the baby would have started crying and she did not want to make the baby cry. Aman tells her that she is difficult to understand. As she loves the baby so much but says awful things about the baby’s mother. She answers that girls are like that only. He caresses her fingers and asks her if she is feeling better, she says yes and he leaves after that.

Farah comes there and asks if her romance is over? She asks Roshni to hand over the eyelash. Showing her a feather Farah tells her that according to what her mother told her the feather will give and indication regarding the baby’s father.

They place the eyelash on the feather and it starts floating, they start following it. The feather stops between Parveen and Aman who are discussing baby names. Roshni wishes for the feather to go ahead. When it doesn’t, she gets disheartened thinking Aman is the father of the baby.

Precap: The naming ceremony is taking place, Roshni comes there and announces that the name of the baby is Aamir Kabir Junaid Khan and she has proof of it. The whole family looks on shocked.



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