Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 5th February: Revealed! Alia is a Havana, faceoff between Alia and Roshni. Will Parveen keep her promise to Taabezi?


Aman falls to his knees holding the baby. A sword emerges from the sky and destroys the cave. While the fairy voice in the background says “the cave doesn’t know who it is dealing with, Aman is not an ordinary jinn but Jinnad ka Badshah.” Roshni and Alia rush to Aman, Roshni asks Aman if he is okay? He doesn’t respond. Alia thanks him for saving the baby. They all leave from there.

Parveen is disheartened as she has turned into a normal human being without any powers. Tabeezi tries to tell Dadi about Parveen but she does not get the chance. Aman, Alia, and Roshni reach home, Dadi enquires about the cut on Roshni’s arm. She shrugs it off saying they are random cuts from forest trees.

Dadi asks Aman if he has any idea how the baby got there? Aman says no and further adds that they do not know the motive also. Roshni starts by saying she knows…… Aman interrupts her asking her not to say anything. Salma asks Aman to listen to what Roshni has to say.

Roshni says that an ordinary person could not take the baby and go into Kala Jungle. Therefore, it must be the work of a supernatural force and its someone from the family. Aman tells her that he does not wish to speak about the topic now. He further blames Roshni for leaving the baby alone to find proof against Alia. He questions her what if something had happened to our baby?  Telling Alia that he will accompany her to her room he leaves from there.

Roshni is crying remembering all the incidents between Aman and Alia. Comes there gives her a handkerchief and asks her to wipe her tears. Roshni throws it away and asks her what she is doing there. Alia tells her “I should be asking you that, didn’t you hear Aman say our baby. Don’t you have any self-respect? If you do leave the house right now.”  Roshni tells Alia that she has self-respect and that is the sole reason she did not leave. As fighting for love and our right is self-respect.

Alia tells her it’s a battle she already has lost. Roshni replies she has not begun fighting yet. She only doubted her till now but now she is sure of it. Alia tells her she will not be able to handle if she learns her truth. Roshni asks her to leave the house. As Aman is a Jinn and she is an Ayana. Roshni makes Nargis Ke Phool appear and touches them which bloom. After that, she tells Alia there is only a single Ayana in the world and its Roshni.

Alia displaying her snake tells her there is another Ayana in the world, an evil one Hayana, and its Alia. She uses her blades to destroy the Nargis Ke Phool leaving Roshni stunned. Taabezi goes to Parveen’s room and thinks that Parveen has already escaped once using her trickery, she will not be able to do it again. She sprinkles some powder on the bed and says all of this will burn down in a few seconds proving that Parveen is a……… Sifrit adds Parveen confirming it for Tabbezi.

Taabezi tells her she has found that Sifrit is not made they are directly born one. She accuses Parveen of trying to kill Aman all this time and putting the family in danger. Parveen tells her all that is true but she was a Sifrit and is not one now. Hence, things have not burnt down. She further adds Tabbezi can never prove that she was a Sifrit, so there is no point in telling the family. Tabeezi tells her she might not have her powers but she is still treacherous, adding that she will tell the family about her.

Alia tells Roshni that she might have the heart of an angel but Alia has the soul of a demon and as a result, is more powerful than her. She further adds she will snatch everything away from Roshni her pride, her obsession, her Aman. Roshni tells her you have only seen the power of magic but not the power of love. The connection between Aman and Roshni cannot be broken by any evil.

Alia tells her the connection between her and Aman will be broken by their child. Roshni questions her how can she use her child being a mother? She answers that she has the soul of a demon she can use anyone to get what she wants. Roshni tells her she cannot start a relationship based on a lie. She storms off saying she will throw her out of the house.

Taabezi tells Parveen she will reveal everything to the family. Parveen tells there is no point to it. Taabezi disagrees and is about to leave when Parveen taunts her saying she is the second wife, she will get back at her. She asks her to go ahead and hurt Aman as revealing the truth will only do that. Taabezi asks Parveen she will not tell the truth if Parveen promises that she will not hurt anyone in the family. Parveen says she cannot hurt anyone even if she wanted to but anyways promises. Taabezi ties an enchanted thread to Parveen’s ankle. On being questioned she tells Parveen that the thread will result in unbearable pain if she tries doing any kind of magic. Further adding that she will always keep an eye on her.

Roshni finds Aman sitting alone and thinks to herself how can she reveal to Aman about Alia being a Havana. She goes to him and asks him if he is still angry with her. He says he wants to be but his love for her is not letting him be and yet he is unable to forgive her. She reminds him that he has promised her that he will trust her. Aman tells her that she is making it difficult for him to trust her. He further adds Alia is his past. To which Roshni says if she is his past she should remain there and not try things at present. He tells Alia is not doing anything even if she is not even a 1000 Alia’s can come between them. Roshni suddenly sees Alia in bridal attire.

Precap: Roshni sees Alia turning from wearing normal clothes into bridal attire. She points Aman in Alia’s direction.






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