Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 3rd February 2020 : Discord between Aman and Roshni. Will Parveen succeed in her plan?

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka

Roshni sees Aman with the child and gets emotional, Aman asks her if she is okay? She answers she got emotional and further adds “You will miss the child, right?” Aman asks why would he miss the child? If the child is not going anywhere. She answers she does not want Aman to get her especially not because of her. Aman asks why would she say that? She leaves without answering.

Parveen thinks there is no greater insult to a Sifriti Jinn than living without powers. She decides to sacrifice the child at any cost, taking a plant from her cupboard, she collects the juice of it into a vial. Tabeezi thinks why Parveen is doing all this? How can she want to take her own son’s life? She refers to the book for answers which states. A sifriti can never belong to any person even their blood. If they decide upon something they will do anything to get it. Including sacrificing their child. The only thing they seek is power.

Dadi asks Aman if he has thought any name for the baby, He answers that it will be for Alia to decide. Alia says she has not thought of any name yet. Dadi introduces Saima to Alia. Baazigar is following the snake. Alia senses that the snake is in trouble. She makes excuses to leave but is stopped by the arrival of the ladies.  The ladies who were called by Roshni arrive and say they have to wish the parents first. They bless both of them and Roshni decided to leave so she can check Alia’s room.

Dadi stops her and asks where is she going? She says the baby is alone I will take care of the baby. The ladies along with the family start dancing to celebrate the occasion. Alia senses that both snake and the baby are I trouble? But she does not have an opportunity to get out.

In the Meanwhile, Roshni goes to Alia’s room. She finds Baazigar waiting outside, asks him if he has discovered anything? After this, she tries to open the door but is unable to do so. Therefore, she uses magic to open the door. After going inside, she asks Baazigar what did you find. He takes the snakeskin and shows it to her. Dadi is looking for Roshni.

Seeing that everyone is busy Parveen takes the opportunity and pours the plant juice on the baby which results in the baby’s disappearance. The ladies stop dancing and say it’s time to bless the baby. They turn around and see that the baby is missing. Alia starts tp panic and Aman stops her saying the baby might be with Roshni. Roshni comes there and Aman asks her where is the baby, she says she doesn’t know the baby was present when she had left. They all disperse to find the baby.

Alia is searching for the baby and finds the snake; she questions it what happened? It leads her to understand that the baby is really in trouble. Aman comes across Roshni and asks if she has seen the baby? She says no. Aman recollects that the ladies had a bag with them and tells her they might have taken the baby. She refuses saying they would never do such a thing. He says we have to check. Both follow them they tell Roshni knows they would never do anything like that. Aman asks Roshni if she knows them? She says yes.

Parveen talks to the child saying she had given him vanishing liquid. As a result, even though he was present there no one could see or hear him. The family discuss How could the baby go missing? They have searched everywhere. Roshni concludes that Alia has kidnapped her child. To use him to get closer to Aman. She decides to confront Alia. The whole family recollects te event and conclude that Roshni was supposed to be taking care of the child.

She questions Alia where is the baby? Alia says what do you mean? Roshni accuses Alia of kidnapping the child. Aman stops her and says its not Alia,s fault. She then asks whose fault is it? He says we are figuring it out and asks some questions. As a result, she questions Aman is he blaming her? He says he is not blaming her but is making everything clear so no one blames her. Aman asks her where did she go leaving the baby. She says she went to Alia’s room. Aman asks her why? She says it was because of something Baazigar said. Aman reprimands her. She tries to defend herself.

Aman then says I have promised to trust you and I am trying to fulfill it. Even before you had accused my mom and now you are accusing Alia of kidnapping her child. Then you were hallucinating and maybe it has left some effect on your brain.

Precap:  It is a face-off between Alia and Roshni. Roshni uses magic and is stunned to see Alia doing the same. A new revelation will change their fate.



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