Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 29th January: Alia’s plan backfires. Is Taabezi a step closer to finding out the truth about Parveen?

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka

Bazigaar brings the child to Aman, Aman questions Roshni on setting Baazigar free again. She responds Baazigar was crying and she could not see a family member crying. Salma asks why did Baazigar get hod of the child? The flashback shows Alia sending the snake to spook Baazigar. Mr. Chotu spots the snake and says that Baazigar was protecting the child from the snake. Alia thinks her plan is backfired she wanted to make Baazigar villain and he became a hero.

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Dadi asks Salma to take Mr. Chotu inside and questions Alia about what she had said earlier and if it is true? Alia responds saying she was worried, Aman comforted her and things happened which should not have. Dadi asks Aman if it is true, Aman says he does not remember. To which Dadi replies what do you mean by you don’t remember?

Roshni then tells, Alia had drugged Aman. While the family looks on shocked, she says I will prove it to you. Bringing the glass and the not from another room, she gives it to Aman and Dadi. Further adding that Alia is doing all this as she wants to stay in the house with him. She questions them why they are looking at her strangely? Aman shows her the clean glass. The handwriting in the note does not match with Alia’s signature. She tells them that it was all there.

Alia cries saying “I am not your enemy but I am also a victim, what happened yesterday night was my fault but I have never deceived Aman.” Roshni accuses saying you have deceived Aman. Alia counter argues then where has the proof vanished. The flashback shows the snake erasing the proof. She further adds, “I can understand your anger but I cannot understand your lies. That is why I am going away from this house and city.” She bids farewell to everyone.

She reaches the baby and thinks why is no one stopping her? When no one seems to stop her. Roshni steps ahead and stops her. All the while thinking if Alia goes away Aman will always be worried about the child. Exposing Alia ‘s lies will be impossible. Moreover, an enemy should always remain in sight. She tells Alia the baby’s life is in danger and we cannot risk that so she asks her to stay. Alia agrees.

Phupi complains saying they should either give the baby a name or change her name. Roshni suggests holding a naming ceremony for the baby. Dadi agrees saying let’s do it now as everyone is present. All of them disperse Aman keeps looking at Roshni.

Taabezi finds a heart in her trap and is shocked. Parveen thinks to get out of that trap a Jinn had to sacrifice a part of it. So, she sacrificed Kabir’s heart and now with it, all her powers are gone as a result, she is just a normal human being. To get her powers back she would have to sacrifice the baby and she must find a way to abduct the baby.

Dadi tells Aman she is unable to believe he would do something like that. To which he says I don’t remember anything. Salma says I felt lucky that you are my son in law but you have hurt my daughter. You might have forgotten but I clearly remember you accusing my daughter of such things and throwing her out of the house. Does any law or rule of such kind apply to a husband?

Aman comes across Alia and she apologizes for telling all that in front of the whole family. Aman answers saying you should have thought of all that before speaking. He further adds “I love Roshni and I would never betray her.” Alia questions Don’t you believe me? He answers I believe in myself, I believe I my love for Roshni. She asks then you are doubting me? He says doubt arises only between people who have relations and we don’t have any.

Aman pleads her to tell the truth, she insists that what she is saying is true. He says it can never be true as I can die for love but never betray.

Alia asks what can she gain by lying? By linking herself to a married man? He then questions that he was unconscious but why would she let something happen knowing he was married. She says I felt safe with you and every girl dreams of having a husband and a baby for a moment she was living that dream. She further adds she thought he too wanted the same thing, he interrupts her saying he loves Roshni.

Alia says she is a mother and has to protect her baby by saying in this house and for that, if she has to lie then it’s fine. She says nothing happened between them and goes away from there.

Aman fins Roshni in the kitchen, he says he has made a mistake and does not know how to make things right. Roshni says it really is easy he just has to do those 3 things she had asked in the past. He had done it in the past but she was not alive then, so she asks him to do it again. Aman apologies holding his ears, says is the prettiest girl in the world and is about to say I love you when she stops him.

She says saying it is very easy but living up to it is very difficult. Love and Self-respect are two different things. Her love for him will never let her go away from him. But her self respect will stop her from coming near him.

Taabezi based on the glow of heart concludes that it belongs to a sifriti jinn. Using her powers she finds that it is Kabir’s. The heart does not beat, 14 circles of fire appear above it. Meaning that Kabir has been dead for 14 days. She thinks to herself 14 days ago was ‘Taron ki baarish vali raat.’ If Kabir is dead since then who has kept his heart and why?

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Precap: Roshni asks Aman to promise that he will always trust and never let anyone or anything come between them. Aman promises accordingly. Alia who witnesses this thinks Roshni is coming between Aman and her, she has to get rid of Roshni.



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