Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 28th January: Will Parveen’s secret be revealed? Can Roshni convince Aman of Alia’s foul play?

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka

Roshni drinks her antidote and wishes that Aman would have taken his wondering where he is. Alia is surprised that Aman stayed. She is speaking to him and notices him dozing off. Parveen goes to Alia’s room, just then Alia opens the door. Alia asks her if she wants something, Parveen says no, she came because she thought the baby was crying. Alia shows her that the baby is sleeping peacefully, Parveen then notices the water glass is empty. She thinks if the glass is empty then how is she still awake.

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Aman wakes up and is disoriented thinking how he ended up sleeping in Alia’s room, Roshni is awake and thinks whether Aman is so angry with their argument that he did not even come to the room. Just then Aman comes inside and she asks him if he is feeling well? He responds that he did not know how he fell asleep. Roshni assuming he had taken the antidote tells him that Tabezzi said something like that would happen, even she fell asleep. She questions him where he had slept last night.

Alia comes there holding the antidote and tells Aman he might have dropped it last night and she found it at the bedside this morning. Roshni looks devastated, Alia begins to tell her nothing of that sort happened. Roshni signs her to stop and leaves from there. Alia looks victorious.

Aman follows Roshni and finds her crying near the pool, He tells her nothing of that sort happened. Roshni questions him how can he sleep in her room? In her bed? Aman tries explaining Roshni gets furious and asks what was he even doing in her room? Aman tells her about the blackmail and is unable to complete further as his memory is fuzzy. But he asks her to believe him. She answers, she would have believed him if he would have taken the antidote then such thing might have happened. Further continuing that instead of taking the antidote to break the after-effects of poison, he decided to break her trust.

She continues crying and Aman holds her. Aman feels the current but she has taken the antidote so she remains unaffected. Realizing that he is the only one in pain he continues to hold her and apologizes. Roshni notices Aman’s obvious pain and asks him to stop holding her. Aman refuses Roshni pleads him to stop holding her as he is in pain, Aman answers this pain is nothing compared to your pain. He wipes her tears and then unable to bear the pain he faints.

Roshni is tending to Aman’s wounds and he questions her “Do you believe something happened between Alia and me?” She counter questions him if he believes nothing happened between Alia and him? He responds that he doesn’t know. He tells her he was about to come to her but then Alia stopped him, he drank water and from there it’s blackout. Stating that he might have underestimated the people who are after Alia but he will look into it. Assuring her that he would not let a person or misunderstanding come between them.

Tabeeezi looking at the ring thinks that the owner of the ring must know that the ring is free now all she has to do is wait. Parveen looks into the mirror and notices her hair is glowing like ambers. Just then dadi knocks on the door when Parveen fails to answer he comes inside. She finds Parveen shawl draped around her. She questions saying it might be cold but it’s not snowing. Parveen tells her she is not feeling well when dadi questions her she stalls saying she was leaving for the hospital and hurries away.

Roshni notices Baazigar crying in his cage. She pleads him not to cry and offers to set him free for 10 minutes.

Dadi and Phuphi are playing with the baby. Alia comes there and they question her as to why she has not named the baby yet. Roshni comes there, meanwhile Alia answers there was no time or opportunity. Dadi tells her that now that the baby is with the family they should name him. A delivery comes and Dadi asks Roshni to sign it, Roshni goes there and is about to sign but stops pretending that her hand is paining. Alia comes and signs. Roshni goes after the delivery boy and takes a photo of Alia’s signature. Her handwriting matches with the blackmail note. She then goes to Alia’s room finding the glass from which Aman drank, she notices residue of powder. She concludes that Alia had purposely done this and decides to teach her a lesson. The snake is at the window overhears it through which Alia hears her.

Parveen sneaks into Tabeezi’s house and sees the ring. She goes to take the ring but it soon vanishes. Unable to move being stuck. Realizing that she has walked right into Tabeezi’s trap, she thinks of a way to escape as she cannot change her form without her powers.

Roshni goes to Aman and tells him Alia has been faking everything. Just then Alia cries out his name and Aman rushes to her. Everyone is gathered in Alia’s room and she tells that the baby is missing. Alia starts crying and tells her she knew that she would be punished. Roshni questions her why she thought so? She tells her it’s because of last night. She and Aman had crossed all their limits, she has committed a sin and now her baby is being punished.

Aman tells nothing happened between them last night and he will call up a private investigator for help. Roshni notices Alia repeatedly glancing outside and checks. She gets worried-looking in that direction and brings it to Aman’s notice.

Precap: Roshni accuses Alia that she gave some sleeping powder to Aman. She shows the glass to Aman which still has residue powder. She declares that Alia has been doing all this so she can stay in the house and get back with him. Aman looks on pensively.






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