Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 27th January: Revealed Kabir is the father of the baby and not Aman!

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka

Aliya is in the library, Roshni comes there and asks her what she is looking for? Alia responds that she is looking for a storybook for the baby and Roshni begins to help her. Shifting the album such that Roshni sees it Aliya is disappointed as Roshni receives a call. Seeing that the call is from Tabeezi Roshni rushes out excusing herself. Tabbezi gives Roshni two vials of antidote saying it is to remove the effect of poison. She further adds they have to drink it at midnight and they will fall asleep after drinking it and as they are sleeping the antidote will do its work.

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Salma and Dadi discuss that Aliya has not named the baby yet. Roshni is waiting for Aman to arrive as it is ten in the night and he was not there yet, she goes in search of him. She begins inquiring about him just then he comes there with Aliya and the baby. On being asked where is he coming from this late, he answers as the baby was not sleeping, they took him out to stroll. He adds that instead of sleeping the baby is wide awake now.

Alia tells them the baby likes listening to fairy tales, Aman says “I know which book he will like.” Roshni says I know as well and goes to fetch it from the library. As soon as she leaves Aliya smirks and drops the snake without anyone noticing it. Roshni fetches the Anaya book thinking the baby will like it. As she is about to leave the snake pushes the album down and Roshni reaches for it. She is stunned seeing Aman and Aliya’s pics together in Aman’s secret spot. As he claimed he has never taken there.

She takes the album and drops it in front of Aman. He sees through the photos and is shocked seeing the photos and questions her. She answers it is your fairytale you have to answer and she goes away from there. Aman follows her tries to talk with her. She accuses him of lying to him and asks him to show some respect toward her. Arguing that she can tolerate his past, his past is living in the house with his baby but she can never stand him lying to her. As she starts crying Aman is about to hold her but he stops himself. Roshni then remembers the antidote and hands it to him repeating what Tabeezi told her. Aman says after this everything will be fine.

Parveen is desperate to get the baby alone to achieve this she takes a potion and decided to give it to Aliya so she can sleep throughout the night and she can carry out her plan. Aliya is talking to the baby and says how can all the people be so stupid. How can Roshni seeing the photos believe their bond is stronger? How can Aman believe that he is the father of the baby? Aliya reveals that Kabir is the father of the baby. All she is doing is trying to get hold of Aman.


Aman assures Roshni that he did not lie to her. She then questions about the pictures being there, she then remembers Aliya’s presence in the library. Confiding in Aman she tells him about it. Aman defends Aliya saying she is not Ayana she is just a normal girl with good hear and she cannot do magic. Roshni gets furious saying despite what I say I put my trust in you. But you are supporting her. She further adds he cannot defend both either one has to be wrong. Aman retraces saying he might have gone there with her. Roshni is incensed and begins to argue, Aman stops her saying there is no point in arguing with her when she is in this mod and leaves.

Aman sitting on the stairs recalls their fight, he looks at the time on his phone its 11:30 PM, he decides to go to Roshni. As he is about to leave he notices Aliya sitting at the fountain getting drenched. He goes to her, she shows him a note which says “Aliya, I am going to find you and kill you.” She tells him she is worried, Aman asks her not to be and he consoles her. She hugs him. Apologizing for the tensions she is causing in the family. Aman asks her not to worry as the baby is also his.

Roshni is looking for Aman. Parveen mixes something in Aliya’s water jug and is about to leave from her room, just then the door is opened and she hides behind it. AS Aman and Aliya get inside, she leaves without their notice. Aman takes Aliya and the baby inside their room. Aliya stops Aman from leaving making excuses. Aman is irked with her and his about to leave when he starts coughing. She gives him water to drink and asks him to sit for a minute. As she turns around Aman falls unconscious.

Precap: Aman enters the room and Roshni asks if he is fine. He says that he suddenly fell asleep. Roshni questions him where he slept as he did not come to the room last night. Just then Alia comes there with the antidote. She says “It might have fallen off your pocket last night, I just found it on the bedside this morning.” Roshni looks on devastated.

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