Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn Ka 24th January Written Update: Aliya’s intention to separate Aman and Roshni revealed!

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka

Salma taunts Aman saying she wanted to see her grandchildren but not like this. She further adds that she thought him to be decent. Roshni defends Aman. Aliya complains that the child is not having food. Aman tastes the food and tells Aliya, “How can the baby have food when it’s salty like always.” He then adds milk to the food and feeds it to the baby which the baby eats. Aliya shares with everyone that it is Aman’s baking secret, whenever something is not good enough, e adds milk to it.

Aliya receives a phone call, on being asked she tells Aman that it’s from a property dealer saying a rental house is ready for her to move in this evening. Aman questions her why she is searching for a house, she denies saying someone from Junaid manzil had called. He takes the phone keeping it on speaker questions the dealer who answers saying Roshni was the one who called, looking for a rental property.

Roshni refuses saying she would never do such a thing. She agrees to be jealous, very jealous indeed but she can never think of doing something like that. Aman tells her, he knows she could never do anything wrong. Roshni tells Aman she feels like an outsider, that the three of them are a family and she does not belong. Aman tells her, she doesn’t stay in the house, she lives in his heart, so there is no way she can be an outsider.

Roshni says there are many things which he is doing and she does not like it. He tells her to just mention it and he will stop doing it if he is wrong. She says that is the problem if he was wrong, she could be mad at him, but he is not so she can do nothing other than cry. Aliya watches them and thinks, there is a lot of love and trust between them she will have to break that trust first.

Tabeezi is looking for remedy in her book, she sees a crystal blue stone in the picture. She wonders how it can get there. She is looking for something and accidentally drops the ring into the liquid and the ring transforms into a similar stone.

Aliya feeds a glass of milk to the snake. Roshni is walking across the hall where she notices Baazigar screeching and looks in the direction. The baby is about to fall off as the crib was tilted. She slows down the fall using magic and gently lowers the baby to ground. She thanks Baazigar and unlocks him, noticing that he does not have any problem around the baby. Playing with the baby she tells him she does not have a problem with him. He is such a cute 30gms Naan Khatai …… no one can have any problem with him. Noticing someone coming, she asks Baazigar to go back to the cage.

Aman comes there and comments upon her befriending the baby. As a result, she divulges, she has a problem with the fact that there is a past she is unaware of. Saying, she is in his presence and will be in his future besides, she wishes to be a part of his past also. She tells him, she never even knew he lived in London. When questioned about London, Aman answers he will just show her.

He summons Baazigar telling him he knows the cage is opened. He shows her different snaps of him from London. When questioned about a particular picture, he tells her it is his secret spot and he has found a lot of peace there. She asks if he ever took Aliya there, he tells no and further adds that he will take her there then it will become their secret spot. She questions when that will happen, in conclusion, he answers when all of this is sorted out.


Aliya has different pictures of her and Aman from the same locations in London placed together. She leaves her snake on the pictures. As the snake crawls through the pictures they merge giving the impression that they were together in those locations. Arranging the pictures in a file, she slides them in Roshni’s path when she sees her coming. Roshni picks it up and is about to open it. Save dadi calls her, so she places it in the library without opening. Aliya seeing this thinks she has to find some other way.

Parveen again tries to take the child away, when Aliya appears taking the child from her. She tells her, the baby was crying badly so she came over. Aliya answers the baby is only familiar with his people. Parveen answers who can be more familiar than the grandmother. Aliya says maybe with time the baby will adjust.

Precap: Roshni goes through the pictures in the file and she sees the picture of Aman and Aliya together in what he claimed to be his secret spot. Roshni is hurt, she places the file in front of Aman who is stunned looking at it.



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