Yeh Jaadu Hai Jin Ka 14th January 2020 Written Update: Aman and Roshni Spend Some Time Together!


The episode starts with Aman preparing for his first night with Roshni. Roshni is in Sara’s room with her where she receives a call from Aman, Aman then recites poetry questioning her where she is, when Sara questions what is bhai asking shall I go and help, Roshni gets nervous and answers that Aman is looking for sugar as he is unable to find it, she goes ahead and tells Aman that sugar is under the table. Aman then asks that how can it be under the table when for a fact I know that you are in Sara’s room, Roshni tells him that “Intezaar ka phal mitha hota hai” and cuts the call, all the while title track is playing in the background, Sara then teases her about it.

Roshni is on her way to her room when Parveen hides behind a pillar and thinks that she will never let Roshni be happy, she creates an illusion making Roshni which has actually not happened and thus tries to create differences between Aman and Roshni. Roshni witnesses a scene where Parveen is accusing Salma of stealing from the house, listening to this Roshni gets furious and confronts Parveen questioning her as to how she could accuse her mother of stealing, meanwhile Aman and dadi come running, she tells Salma that she need not worry if Salma leaves the house then she would also leave along with her, Aman then asks Roshni why she is talking like that.

Parveen then comes ahead and tells Roshni that it was nothing like that, we were just discussing about a magazine. Salma also refuses to being accused and tells that Parveen treats her like a sister why would she accuse her of cheating, Roshni gets stunned listening to this and tells Salma there is no need for her to lie and then she faints, Aman carries her to their room. Aman tells dadi that Roshni has regained her conscious, dadi tells him what tabeezi had said, that due to Kabir trying to control Roshni might be affected, Aman tells whatever it is he will make Roshni right. Roshni reaches out to Salma and questions again, Salma refuses and asks Roshni if she is feeling well, Roshni gets irritated and answers that I am all right, Salma asks her to take rest and Roshni leaves furiously.

Aman brings food for Roshni they get into an argument and Roshni accuses him that he does not believe in her, Aman then tells her that he believes in her more than anyone else including himself, she then quietens down and gets worried if she is really going insane, Aman asks her not to worry and that whatever it is both of them will get through it together, he holds her and observes that she has a fever, so he asks her to take rest, she then suddenly remembers that it was supposed to be their first night and then they share a moment teasing each other.

Next morning Roshni visits Farah and Tabeezi, Farah questions how she can see things which are not existing, Roshni gets worried that she is going mad, In the mean while Aman looks for Roshni and dadi tells him that she has gone to visit Farah, Dadi then tells Aman that she wants Aman and Roshni to get married again with all the rituals, Salma also agrees and tells that it would be her dream coming true to see her daughter get married, Aman refuses saying that there is no need for it as they have blessings of all their elders, Parveen interrupts them and asks after Roshni’s health. Aman tells Parveen that Roshni has gone to meet Farah and that she might get some answers from tabeezi, Parveen thinks to herself that there is no way tabeezi can give Roshni any answers as this is the shifriti jinn magic and no one is aware of it.

Tabeezi tells Roshni that she has not found anything in Ilmi jinn magic book, she then suspects that it might be Kabir’s doing and that she will try to find more about it, she then gives Roshni a ring which will glow in the presence of magic and help her find when she is being tricked.

Roshni reaches home and overhears a conversation between Aman and Dadi where they are talking about consulting a doctor regarding Roshni seeing things, Roshni argues with Aman that how he could speak like that after their discussion of yesterday, she then suspects that someone is trying to create feud between her and Aman, she find that her ring is glowing and thinks that neither she is casting the magic nor is Aman, then who is doing it ? To trick the castor, she keeps arguing with Aman, she then takes out her ring, which leads to disappearance of Aman and dadi, she keeps arguing with non-existent Aman which then leads her to the castor, Parveen.

Precap: – Parveen argues with Roshni that she does not know the power of hatred and Roshni counter argues that Parveen is unaware of the power of love.



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