Yashika Anand to be Arrested? Exclusive Details Revealed


Yashika Anand, a well-known model and committee member in some films, was involved in a tragic accident a few years ago on ECR Road that resulted in the death of her friend and left her badly injured. After months of hospitalization, Yashika has fully recovered and is active on social media. However, she now faces legal trouble as a case has been registered against her for speeding and causing the accident.

The Chengalpattu Criminal Court has ordered Yashika Anand to appear before the 25th, failing which she may face arrest. Despite this, Yashika has not been offered any major film opportunities yet. Instead, she has acted in controversial films that received heavy criticism.

Following the accident, Yashika temporarily halted her seductive social media posts, but has since resumed posting them. As a result, she has been receiving some new film opportunities, but her legal troubles have resurfaced.

Currently, Yashika is trying to avoid appearing in court and is facing the possibility of immediate arrest if she fails to do so. It remains to be seen how this will impact her career and future opportunities.


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