Yashika Anand loses movie opportunities due to fatal accident, posts an emotional message on Instagram

Yashika Anand about accident

Bhavani, who was working in the US, came to Chennai to see her friend Yashika. Yashika was riding the car in which her friend Bhavani sat next to her. The car collided with a barrier on the East Coast Road on the night of the 24th July 2021 in which Bhavani died. Yashika has undergone surgery for her injuries. Yashika posted about her health on Instagram. In it she said, “There was a fracture in several places in the hip bone and a fracture in the right leg bone. I am resting after surgeries. For the next 5 months, I could not get up and walk or stand. I stay in bed all day. Going to motion just in bed. Neither I could turn left or right in bed due to back injury. Luckily nothing happened to my face. It’s definitely a rebirth for me.”

Yashika can’t act in films as she can’t walk right now. Thus the directors and producers who contracted her have decided to cast other actresses in the place of Yashika. Thus Yashika would miss all her film opportunities due to the fatal accident.

Fans have come in support of Yashika Anand and have posted, “Let the movies opportunities go as they go. Health is important. You get healed first and get up and walk. After that you can get back all the lost movie opportunities. Please don’t worry about your movie career now.”

Yashika also posted an emotional farewell for her girlfriend and says she will feel guilty forever for losing her.



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