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word villas answers and cheats

Word Villas is an addictive word game but with a twist which makes it more interesting compared to any other game out there. As soon as you connect letters to form words and you see the storyline getting developed for each puzzle. The graphics is amazing and it gives us a sense of completion which we likes about this game. The game is fun, addicting, the furniture options sometimes aren’t the greatest as I am in an interior designer but I have to say that they’re better than some games and guess what you don’t have to pay for anything to play this game. for the most part which that’s what I really really like. I hate games you get to a certain level and you can’t even go farther unless you pay money . well not happening with this girl. I agree that the grammar is not perfect, that gardener guy drives me crazy! He’s very weird, but otherwise the characters aren’t bad I wish it would go a little bit faster. Sometimes I think it’s ridiculous you have to get two stars to pick up a leaf I do just want to decorate the house I’ve gotten quite far I’ve done the living room the kitchen the bedroom were working out in the yard in the balcony now which is quite fun, I love flowers. So long story short if you want a game where you don’t have to pay money to play, and you like easy crossword puzzles, and a fun story line even if grammar is awful at times, then this is the game for you. The main character is living her dream don’t we all want to do that.

Since the game is addictive and we tried playing various levels it gets tough as we proceed down the levels. Hence we have decided to help people who are stuck in various levels with answers and cheats.

Check Word Villas Answers and Cheats at this website, they are updating it daily with solutions to newer levels and it has helped us at times to move to another level when we’re stuck.



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