Win JBL Boombox with these Amazon App Quiz Answers September 24 2019


Here are the questions and answers to win JBL Boombox from Amazon. These are Amazon App quiz for Tuesday 24th September 2019. Amazon app on Android and iOS has daily quiz on answering which you can win exciting prizes like JBL Boombox and so on.

  • Q1 – The Korea Open 2019 Is Starting Today. Which Of These Sports Is Played In Korea Open?
    Ans – Badminton

  • Q2 – Which Of The Following National Parks In Rajasthan Is A World Heritage Site And Is Of International Importance For Some Migratory Bird Species?
    Ans – Keoladeo National Park

  • Q3 – The Atomic Number Of Lead Is 82. What Is The Chemical Symbol Of Lead?
    Ans – Pb

  • Q4 – Wellington Is The Capital Of An Island Country That Has More Sheep Than People. Which Country Is This?
    Ans – New Zealand

  • Q5 – India Has The Shortest Written Constitution Of Any Sovereign Country In The World.
    Ans – FALSE


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