Will Sandy get eliminated this week of Bigg Boss 3 Tamil? Former contestant tweets

Sandy Master Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3

Former Bigg Boss contestant Kajal has reacted positively to a fan who said that Sandy will be leaving the Bigg Boss season 3 this week.

Tharshan and Sandy make their first appearance on this week’s Nomination List of Bigg Boss house. One fan who saw this tweeted that Sandy is going home this week. One person is going home this week in the gang of five which consists of Kavin, Tharshan, Sandy, Losliya. Cheran or Kasthuri will get the lowest number of votes and go to the secret room. He further tweeted that Sandy is not worth for giving sensational content which is an important factor in keeping this show going.

Seeing it, Kajal responded to the fan. She posted on Twitter, in fact she posted a laughing emoji with best joke of the year. Kajal has also said that it will not happen even in your dreams.


  1. Why Vanitha given wild card? Seems not right…..eliminated but still back in the game……BB rules is a JOKE

  2. Kamal had announced that Vanitha had come as a guest…. but not vijay TV says she is a wild card contestant… …How can an eliminated contestant come again in wild card entry???

  3. Hope Sandy is eliminated this week…. he is the main reason for many problems in the house through his irritating jokes and partiality


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