Will Aari Arjunan join Kamal Haasan’s party after Bigg Boss?

Aari Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Kamal Haasan

Netizens comment that the support for Aari, one of the Bigg Boss contestants, is increasing day by day on social media. If someone other than Aari is chosen as the title winner of the Bigg Boss 4 Tamil, there will be huge opposition. People have already decided that Aari is the title winner.

Continuing praises have been leveled at him that Bigg Boss has been telling the grievances of all the housemates without fear of anyone in the house and that he, like Archana, hides the grievances of those who owe them and points out the grievances of all the contestants, and that he knows how to respect women and behaves politely towards women.

It is also noteworthy that Kamal Haasan has repeatedly praised those who argue with him, not only for presenting the right points and closing their mouths but also for always being honest in his argument. In this context, it is said that Kamal Haasan was pleasantly surprised when he went to campaign recently, and suddenly people chanted ‘Aari … Aari ..’ and even called him the title winner.

So Aari’s army has been saying that Kamal Haasan will include Aari in his party after the Bigg Boss show and that it will not be a surprise if he is given a seat to contest in any one constituency.

It is noteworthy that Snehan, who was already the runner-up in the first season of Bigg Boss, is at Kamal Haasan’s party. In that sense, will Kamal Haasan use Aari, who is already popular among the people as a social serviceman and honesty, for his political party?



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