Why you should watch Jamtara Sabka Number Aayega online on Netflix

jamtara review 2020

Netflix is ​​rolling great content one after another in 2020. After Ghost Stories, ‘Jamtara’ number has now come. The web series was released on Netflix on 10th January 2020. The story involves Crime and Police is to be shown in this web series. Two trailers of this web series have also been released. The trailers of Jamtara went viral and these are the reasons why you should watch it online on Netflix.

  • Thriller- The pulse of the crime thriller has been captured in the web series. It will show crime spread in villages and towns of India. Such viewers will enjoy the thriller with crime. The most important thing about it is that such people will be seen committing crimes, whose appearances can deceive you. From small villages, these criminals are defrauding the entire country. This story itself is appealing.
  • True Event- Jamtada is a web series inspired by the true event. This web series is about crime spread in Jamtara district of Jharkhand. Please tell that Jamtara was once called the hub of cybercrime in the country. Online loot was carried out from across the country. It has often been in the news for its crime.
  • How will you get robbed easily- Often people fall victim to ATM fraud. They are robbed by calling and looting money. Clones of Atem are extracted and then withdrawn from elsewhere. The story behind such crimes is shown in this web series.
  • Director- This web series is directed by Soumendra Padhi. Soumendra has previously directed ‘Budhia Singh Born to Run’. He has also received a National Award for this. In such a situation, the audience will have high expectations from his direction.
  • Actors- The web series is not a big star, but according to the web series, its star cast is appealing. In it, Amit Siall, seen in Inside Edge, will be seen in the role of a leader. As the player of Mirzapur, he was well liked in Inside Edge, in which the audience will get to see his desi look once more. Apart from this, Divyendu Bhattacharya, Aksha Pardasani, Adarsh ​​Shrivastava, Monika Panwar and Anshuman Pushkar will be seen in important roles.


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