Who Murdered Priyanka Reddy and are the culprits caught? #RIPPriyankaReddy Trending Worldwide

priyanka reddy

Priyanka Reddy is a 26 year old Vet who was brutally raped and murdered on Wednesday 27th November 2019 at night. by some men near Hyderabad. Priyanka Reddy was on her way from her house in Telangana’s Shadnagar to a veterinary hospital in Kolluru village where she worked. She was stranded in Shamshabad after her two-wheeler reportedly suffered a puncture. Later her body was found burned in Shadnagar, about 30 kilometres away, below an underbridge.

Who Killed Priyanka Reddy and what happened?

  • Priyanka Reddy had last spoken to her sister Bhavya at around 9:15 pm.
  • The phone call audio suggests someone had offered to get the flat tyre repaired.
  • Bhavya says she had advised her sister to go to the nearest toll gate and wait as the veterinarian said she was feeling scared with a lot of unknown men and loads of trucks parked in the area.
  • “I even asked her to come away leaving the vehicle. When I called after some time, her phone was switched off,” Bhavya said.
  • Priyanka’s badly-burnt body was discovered below the underpass by locals who then informed the police.
  • The family members, who had then already lodged a police complaint, were then asked to come to the place where Priyanka’s body was found. They identified her with the help of a locket she was wearing
  • The body was handed over to her family after post-mortem
  • It’s suspected that Lorry and truck drivers who Priyanka mentioned are responsible and police are investigating in this angle.
  • Also, CCTV footages of the nearby places are being examined, along with her last phone call location traces.
  • A Team of 10 is established to identify and nab these culprits

Priyanka Reddy’s Last Call

Priyanka Reddy’s last call to her sister is heart wrenching where she was describing her fear and her sister was reassuring her and asking her to go to the nearest Toll Gate. It has been released online

People are outraged at this act and are venting out there anger and frustrations online. Many are.demanding for death penalty for the culprits. Here are some of the tweets


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