Who is Marquise Brown ? Named in Britney Taylor’s Lawsuit

Marquise Brown antoni brown cousin key witness

Who is Marquise Brown? How is he related to Britney Taylor’s rape lawsuit against Antonio Brown. Here are the unknown facts

  • Marquise Brown is the unnamed NFL player named in Britney Taylor’s lawsuit against Antonio Brown.
  • He is the cousin of Antonio Brown who is allegedly said to be present on one of the evenings in which Taylor claims an alleged assault occurred.
  • Marquise Brown is not reported for any wrong doings, rather mentioned as present during one of those evenings when Antonio Brown assaulted Britney Taylor.
  • Marquise Brown is a rookie player for Baltimore Ravens
  • Marquise Brown is considered to be the key witness in this lawsuit and according to Mike Florio of ProFootball Talk of NBC Sports he is expected to give information that will support his cousin’s position.
  • He has been called by NFL to share his side of story during investigation of this case
  • Marquise Brown shares a very good relationship with his cousin Antionio and while Marquise was playing for Oklahoma he and Antonio would speak regularly, with Antonio offering pointers to his younger cousin.
  • Marquise is also a wide receiver like Antonio Brown
  • Marquise said to OU Daily, “It’s very nice, I learn a lot from him. He just keeps me motivated every time I see him out there on the field.”



  1. Britney Taylor looks to be a mentally sick person or another out of control American female scammer. A person must be of very questionable intelligence to falsely accuse a man of rape, then name his own cousin or family member to help support such a lie. This looks like a mentally deranged woman wanting attention. If she wants attention, instead of making up lies to scam money, she should have become good at a reputable skill that pays money. She should of have became a top female athlete, doctor, or engineer. Then she would have her own money. Lying for money or fame, is not reputable.


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