Who is Heather Robinson ? Unknown facts about Heather Robinson who was featured on ABC 20/20 Sole Survivor Episode

heather robinson abc 2020

Heather Robinson was the adopted daughter whose real mother was murdered by her adopted father’s brother John Robinson. She was featured on the ABC 20/20 show “Sole Survivor” episode which was aired on Friday October 4, 2019. Here are some unknown facts about Heather Robinson:

  • Heather Robinson was 15 years old when she came to know that her adopted uncle killed her real mother and she is a serial killer.
  • Heather Robinson’s real name is Tiffany Stasi and her birth parents are Lisa Stasi and Carl Stasi
  • Lisa Stasi was murdered by John Robinson when Heather Robinson aka Tiffany Stasi was 4 months old
  • Robinson contacted his brother and sister-in-law, who had been unable to have a child of their own, and told the couple he could help them adopt a baby
  • Robinson claimed Tiffany’s mother had killed herself, so the child desperately needed a home
  • Robinson charged his brother and sister thousand dollars in adoption fees for adopting Tiffany and they didn’t find about it until Tiffany was 15 years old
  • Robinson told the 19-year-old Stasi he could get her into a job-training program in Texas
  • Heather’s real family thought that Lisa took her daughter and ran away but were shocked to know that their daughter is living in her mother’s killer house
  • All the evidence is pointing toward the fact that Robinson’s brothervdid not know, and everyone still believe that’s the case
  • To this day, authorities do not know exactly what happened on that night or what became of Lisa Stasi, although John Robinson was later convicted of her murder
  • Heather’s real mother is yet to be found even in 2019

    What is Heather Robinson doing in 2019?

    Heather Robinson stays in Kansas City these days and she didn’t want to talk to her real father Carl Stasi. Heather says “I had been openly asked, ‘Well don’t you want to know who your biological father is?’ I said absolutely not…inside, in my heart, I have a dad, I don’t need another one”.

    Heather Robinson was legally adopted at age 18 by Don Robinson and his wife. Heather Robinson’s parents did not allow her to attend the trial. Instead, she followed the developments from hundreds of miles away in Illinois. Recently, while Heather Robinson was interviewing with “20/20,” one of Lisa Stasi’s family members gave Heather a 42-page letter purportedly sent from her biological mother in 2010. The letter claimed Stasi was alive and well and that John Robinson would never harm anyone. Heather Robinson said she is sure her mother is dead and that John Robinson is still trying to string her family along. Heather Robinson interviewed her adoptive father, Donald Robinson, for her future podcast “The Lisa Stasi Effect” which she shared with “20/20.”



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