Who is Dr Herbert Kleber ? Why is he featured on 1st October, 2019 Google Doodle, Unknown Facts about Dr Herbert Kleber

Dr Herbert Kleber google doodle 1st october 2019

Today’s doodle commemorates Dr. Herbert Kleber, who was ready for pioneering work in the treatment of his addiction at the prestigious National Academy of Medicine on the 23rd anniversary of his treatment. Kiddo Jarrett J., a doodle artist from Massachusetts and author of the graphic memoir. Was painted by Krosokczka.

Volunteer for the United States Public Health Service in 1964, Dr. Kleber was assigned to a prison hospital in Lexington, Kentucky, where thousands of prisoners were being treated for drug addiction. Given that the vast majority of patients would end soon after release, they began to develop a new approach.

Describing his method as “evidence-based treatment,” Dr. Kleber viewed addiction as a medical condition as opposed to a moral failure. Instead of punishing or shaming patients, as did many of his predecessors in the field, Dr. Kleber emphasized the importance of research, allowing many patients to recover through careful use of the pharmaceutical and therapeutic communities and The escape helped escape.

Dr. Herbert Kleber drew the attention of President George HW
The success of Doctor Cleaver attracted the attention of President George HW, who appointed him Deputy Director for Demand Reaction to the Office of National Drug Control Policy as the co-founder of the National Center on Drug Addiction and Substance Abuse for Doctor of Break Medicine. As co-founder of the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, Dr. Kleber was a leader in reframing the field of substance abuse research and treatment as a medical discipline.

At Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, he and his wife, Dr. Marion W. Fishman founded America’s leading research program on substance abuse. During his 50-year career, Dr. Kleber has authored hundreds of articles, authored important books, and mentions many other medical professionals in the field of addiction treatment. A self-described “perpetually optimistic,” Dr. Kleber changed the landscape of addictive treatment, allowing patients to be diagnosed and treated rather than embarrassed, and in the process saving countless lives.

Dr Herbert Kleber Unknown Facts

  • Problem Solver: One way I see Herb’s visionary brilliance is through his ability for problem-solving, whether domestically or professionally. When everyone else was looking in one direction, Herb would (metaphorically) turn his head and his thinking to somewhere completely different—and come up with original, viable solutions.
  • Master Negotiator: His skill at negotiations served him well in his efforts to navigate the tangled bureaucracy one must go through to secure funding for academic projects.
  • Humor: Herb also had a quick and delightful sense of humor, which he often used to de-escalate thorny or tense situations.
  • Not Self-Aggrandizing: He was often self-deprecating when others praised him for his work. One of Herb’s self-referential statements he quoted often is “I’m just a world-famous, humble country doctor.”
  • Fearless: Professionally and in his personal life, he championed his beliefs about victims of addiction—no matter another’s professional or social prominence (or lack thereof).
  • Ethical practice: Herb was a physician of the highest professional ethical standards. An example: he refused to accept gifts when offered by some of his very famous and wealthy patients, nor would he socialize with them when invited.
  • Generosity: One of Herb’s greatest characteristics was his generosity. Herb mentored a great number of the leading academic researchers in the country. Beyond academics, he championed many people’s professional and personal lives. While going through his papers after his death. I came across letter after letter thanking him for his support. Whether it was for a letter he wrote, a phone call he made, a meeting he attended, or simply when he listened, he always freely shared his experience and support.
  • Dartmouth: He was devoted to Dartmouth, attending reunions and maintaining close life-long friendships with fellow classmates.
  • Father: Herb cherished his family. He was loving and devoted to the welfare and happiness of our family. Holidays such as Thanksgiving and Passover were always joyous gatherings. Our trips with the family to Mohonk, Bonaire, and the Florida Keys, among other family trips, are joyous memories.
  • Dog Lover: Herb adored our little 8.5-pound Maltipoo, Sparky.


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