Who is Dimpal Bhal? The second contestant to enter Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3

Dimpal Bhal Bigg Boss Malayalam 3

Bigg Boss Season 3 kicks off with a colorful celebration. Mohanlal received the contestants by giving them red roses as the show started on Valentine’s Day. Strangers and familiar faces have also arrived on the show, this time as contestants.

The first contestant in Bigg Boss 3 Malayalam is Nobby Marcos. The discussion surrounding the contestant who came to the house after Nobi is being discussed on social media. Dimpal Bhal is the second contestant. This is not a familiar face to the Malayalee audience. Dimple has arrived at the show on her birthday. Dimpal Bhal is a psychologist and a Fashion Stylist.

Dimpal Bhal has 12,000 fans on Instagram. Here are some of her photos


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