When will Teri Meri Kahani by Himesh Reshammiya and Ranu Mondal Full Song Video, Mp3 and Ringtone available for Download

Teri meri song mp3 ringtone download

Teri Meri Kahani by Himesh Reshammiya and Ranu Mondal is one of the most trending songs of this year, infact many fan made version of the songs have more than million views online. There is a full version of Teri Meri available to watch online and mp3 version as well as ringtone available for Download. But there is no official confirmation from Himesh Reshammiya about the authenticity of the song. We have reached out to them but there has not been any official communication from them. We will update on those information as soon as there is an official confirmation from them.

Teri Meri Kahani is from movie Happy Hardy and Heer and this is one of the most anticipated movie releasing this month, especially after all the songs became chartbusters online. Ranu Mondal has even sung a second song for this movie. We have to wait for the song information.

Teri Meri Kahani Full Song Mp3 Download

Teri Meri Kahani Ringtone Download

We have already shared lyrics to Teri Meri Kahani here. Check it out.



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