Whatsapp Chats Arnab: Republic Tv Chief Arnab Goswami Whatsapp Chat with former BARC CEO leaked on social media

Arnab Whatsapp Chat

Republic TV editor Arnab Goswami’s troubles have escalated as his leaked WhatsApp chat is now going viral. The chat has caused a stir as the more than 500-page chat is with former BARC chief Partho Das Gupta. Mumbai police arrested Partho Das in the TRP scam, following which the chat has been attached to the charge sheet of the case. The chat shows Arnab Goswami’s claims about how much reach he has in the central government and how he can help Partho Das.

  • Journalist Arnab Goswami’s chat goes viral in TRP scam
  • Serious questions are rising from the chat
  • Confession of having nexus with a senior minister of the Central Government

Journalist Arnab Goswami’s own chat, which has caused the most controversy on the viral chats of various celebrities of the country, is now going viral. The conversation between former BARC chief Partho Dasgupta and Goswami is now rife on the internet. Goswami’s more than 500-page chat has also been included in the charge sheet, which has been the subject of much controversy in Mumbai recently, with a 3600-page charge sheet filed by the Mumbai Police.

The government claims to have a grip on the top
The viral chat shows how Goswami shows his grip on the Center, especially in the I&B ministry. Goswami has repeatedly appeared to claim to have access to big leaders in the central government.
Former BARC chief claims to have shared intelligence with Goswami on condition of help from the government.
Arnab Whatsapp Chat leak 1
The chat shows how Goswami and Dasgupta are playing tricks to boost the ratings of Republic TV. Dasgupta is also sharing a lot of information with Goswami on the condition of help from the central government’s touch level, which is confidential. In the chat, Dasgupta is also seen saying that he has helped the government many times before.
Arnab Whatsapp Chat leak 2
In the chat, Goswami and Parthodas appeared annoyed with the new I&B minister
In the chat, Goswami said that he was already aware of any government changes. Goswami and Dasgupta are looking unhappy with new minister Prakash Javadekar. On the other hand, Arnab is making fun of Rajat Sharma by saying that Rajat has to reach the top, but nothing is happening.

Partho Das Gupta sent a private letter from BARC to Arnab
On March 25, 2019, Partho Dasgupta of BARC sent a private letter from BARC to Arnab. Partho said he was trying to stop the NBA, the News Broadcasters Association. (President of News Broadcasters Association is Rajat Sharma, Editor-in-Chief of India Today.) Partho said that Rajat Sharma has fallen behind him. Partho begs Arnab to get help from the center to save him from the silver.
Against this, Arnab claimed that there was no silver lining in the area. Arnab also said that he is going to Delhi tomorrow. Partho requested that Arnab ask someone in Delhi to control Rajat Sharma, NBA, and TRAI.
Arnab Whatsapp Chat leak 3
Frequent nexus discussions with senior ministers
In this chart, the name of a veteran leader of the central government is frequently mentioned in which Goswami claims that he has a meeting with a big leader. Partho Dasgupta is seen asking Goswami if he can help her become a media adviser in the PMO. In which Arnab says that he has to sit up with his big leader, I will see what he can do.

In other chats, Goswami appears to be claiming that the I&B ministry is putting aside the complaints it receives for Republic TV. Not only this, Goswami claims that even the minister had informed about these complaints in advance that such a complaint has been received.

The issue was raised on Twitter
The issue has been trending on Twitter since the WhatsApp chat was leaked. Many users have reacted angrily by viralizing screenshots of WhatsApp chats. People are questioning Arnab Goswami’s approach to leaders. Well-known lawyer Prashant Bhushan also tweeted about the case, saying the chat showed how these people were using their position to “broker” at the Center. They could be in prison for such an act in any country.



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