What was the 1 crore question for Himanshu Dhuria in KBC 11?

KBC Himanshu 1 cr question

Himanshu Dhuria becomes the youngest KBC player to face the 1 crore question. This is his question for one crore rupee

Himanshu Dhuria 1 crore Question – Whose Persian translation of several Upanishads is know as the ‘Sirr-e-Akbar’?
Options A)Abu Fazal B) Shah Waliullah Dehlvi C) Dara Shikoh D) Ahmad Al-Sirhindi
The correct answer is Option C) Dara Shikoh.

But Himanshu Dhuria decided to forfeit the game and take home 50 lakhs as he was not confident of the answer even though he said the answer correctly.


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