Watch Monalisa and Khesari Lal Yadav hot romantic song goes viral

monalisa sexy video song

The popularity of Bhojpuri’s hot actress Monalisa is not hidden from anyone. Monalisa’s style is broken by the power of her loved ones. This is the reason that whenever a video or photo of hier comes in front, she starts trending. In such a situation, now a very jagged song of Monalisa and Khesari Lal Yadav is becoming increasingly viral. In this song, the chemistry between Monalisa and Khesari is being seen. This is the reason why this song is being seen fiercely on YouTube.


The song ‘Khali Batiya Se Kam Nahi Chali Ai’ is witnessing tremendous bonding between Khesari and Monalisa. People have liked the romance between Monalisa and Khesari soaked in rain. This is the reason that this song has received more than 16 lakh views so far.

Let me tell you that Monalisa is playing the role of witch in the TV show Nazar these days. His character is being well liked in the show. So at the same time, Monalisa is also showing all shades of acting in this role. So on the other hand, Khesari Lal Yadav very is busy strengthening his grip in Bigg Boss 13 these days. However, Khesari has not been able to catch the pace that was expected from him at Bigg Boss house. In this case, the coming weeks will be very important for him. Will he get evicted from the house or will he proceed to finals? Enjoy the song




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