Vote now!! Should Ali Reza re-enter as Wild Card contestant? Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Elimination

ali reza eliminated bb 3 telugu

It’s unfortunate to know that Ali Reza got eliminated from Bigg Boss season 3 Telugu yesterday and we are getting hundreds of comments about that. Ali Reza is a physically strong contestant but does he command a fan base like Srimukhi to stay in the house? Unfortunately No. But does he deserve a re-entry into the Bigg Boss house, vote below

Ali Reza re-enter as wild card contestant?



  1. We want & wishing strongly to come back Ali Reza in bigboss3 as a wild-card entry…
    Ali all the best for your career and we hope u will surely came back in bigboss3

  2. Ali is a good at his task given to him but others are commenting him that he was very arrogant during task why others came to the show send them home wht about rahul,mahesh, srimukee. I think vithika is not that much important member in the house. I think she has to be eliminated or srimukee. Ali has to be re-entry for next week in the house without him we can’t see the show.

    • Guys what were you doing without voting in first place?? If u guys r not voting for your favorite contestants u don’t have right to crib. It’s quiet disturbing that he was eliminated but there is no fun in getting him back if u doesn’t turn up for voting process

    • Bro we all pray to the god to Ali come back, that fucking shilpa has got an ideal plan for eliminating Ali, why bcoz he is strongest of all in the house like lion in the jungle, so the fox has too many ideas to terminate the king, like what shilpa did, so have seen guys recently a Hollywood movie released in the name of lion king, the lion in hero is ALI and the hyeneas are others.

  3. please resend ali into the bigg boss house other wise there is no use ofr putting up such a reality show please nagarjuna garu do something

  4. eliminate himaja.. y eliminated Ali.. can give chance to him at least.. for himaja gave chance.. no eliminations this week.. then for Ali also should do the same… we want Ali to big boss house.. I’m voting to reenter.. in the house

    • Guys r voting for Aggi pulla raja (mahesh) instead of Alireza . Again they bring him u guys will not vote and eventually he will be eliminated. Please vote to save right guys

  5. We want ali reza in bigboss as wild card entry ….we r eagarley waiting him to see in bb house…he showed his hardwork in bb house he played his role very well ….we want him sooon …because of him we r watching bb show…..we want reza the king……..he stoled many people hearts we r mad of him…..we want…him sooon…..

  6. Sreemukhi is targeting only Rahul.
    Though I am not a fan for Rahul but srimukhi is nominating Everytime which is not good. First sree mukhi should be eliminated so that biased game will be ruledout

  7. I hope to Ali Reza is come back to big boss 3 in waild card entry.big boss 3 member 1 contenten is Ali reza.i love Ali Reza attitude,game stranth.

  8. I felt very bad when ali was eliminated hevis strong constenant and he should be there it’s unfair that he got eliminated. He won hearts of people. He is not angry man he expressed his views in his manner it’s people perception how we take. The big show is would like with out heart though we see it. Really the way he potrayed him self is simply superb.. The episode when was leaving like heart breaking for me as it was like my own brother leaving my family. We see people every where even in our house we threw things when we get angry this is not the correct reason to eliminate the contestant who is strong.

  9. Plzz re-enter Ali Reza into bigg Boss 3 he is the very strong contestant in the house it’s very boring’ to watch bigg Boss 3 with out ali

  10. Sreemuki supposed to eliminated Instead of Ali reza. He was giving his 110% performance and also entertaining People to watch big boss 3 telgu. Give a chance to Ali Reza re-entry in big boss 3.
    thank you

  11. Haha mari bayataki enduku pamparura babu…akkada contestants ye ghoram anukunte…chusevallu inka violent ga vunnaru..rahul fans andaru punarnavi ki vote vestunnaru..demuda. vaallu chupiste favoritism kaadaa? Nijamga punnu ye angle lo fit aa house ki. First nunchi sree ki rahul ki dooram penchinde aa punnu.

  12. Without Ali there is nothing to watch: still I can’t understand the elimination process: Ali has to come back: he is the winner

  13. Bigg boss is fake with out any reason Ali got eliminated Ali Reza is one of the best contestent in bb house so we want Ali Reza back in bb house as a wild card entry

  14. I don’t believe Big Boss show any more if Ali is not brought back strategically as wild card. It’s an unfair show with out Ali. How come a guy who has been the top contender with out bias has been eliminated so dramatically. So, unconvincing indeed. There must be something wrong in strtegic management of the show.
    I am not a big fan of Ali or who ever personally but by watching the show i can easily make out how unreality show one can become on TV by fooling viewers. Waste of time Nagarjuna garu.

  15. Plzz re-enter Ali Reza into bigg Boss 3 he is the very strong contestant in the house it’s very boring’ to watch bigg Boss 3 with out ali.I hope to Ali Reza is come back to big boss 3 in waild card entry.big boss 3 member 1 contenten is Ali reza.

  16. plz don’t bring Ali Reza back. He is too arrogant like cheemukhi, Himaja and Rahul. Bringing him back is just not right as there is already enough arrogance in the house with the other three.

  17. We can see that big boss is scripted and played as per big boss instructions. Proof you can get from the words of Himaja of the contestant. For their TRP rating purpose they have re entered ali reza which is not advisable. RAHUL is the only person who is performing well without any gossips. Never feel bad to say anything and play with transparent. Except Rahul, Sandesh & Siva Jyothi rest all are waste in the big boss house. Going day by day public are losing insterent in watching big boss.


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