Vote If Cheran Elimination Correct or Not? Bigg Boss 3 Tamil

bigg boss season 3 september 8 cheran eviction

Now on day 75, Cheran is eliminated from Bigg Boss season 3 Tamil. Do you think Cheran elimination is right or wrong. The housemates are saying that Cheran elimination is not right, but as audience what everyone thinks, vote below.

Cheran Elimination from Bigg Boss

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  1. Of course it is correct. He was playing very cunningly. He has the ego as he is the award winning director. Due to him some people are not playing fair game as he thinks youngsters are against him, ganging up. But he is always ganging up with Vanitha, Kathuri and Sherin. He was not in the state to understand young age people mind expecting them to behave like him. He is such a lovely person, no doubt on it. But not suitable to play the game any more. He talks about Losliya with others and taking everything what others say about Los and never stand for her.But if she does anything then he will come with the reason relationship Appa and not respecting etc. Only Kavin issue he acted like Appa not doe any other problem. If he was with Los earlier I am sure she would have been with him but Kavin stand with her so naturally she goes with him. This is the normal human behavior. Finally all game. But it is god he was eliminated now otherwise if there is any hard task, he will be upset or will be hindrance to others.This is the decent way for him to go put and keep his respect always. Now he will see the videos and find Los never talked back to him.

    • Cheran is sincere. Losliya and Kavin are the cunning ones. Kavin is playing a very dirty game. He is using and exploiting not only los but all his other friends too. In fact, Kavin is simply playing on people’s emotions by always talking about friendship and sacrifice. This would not last long as his own friends are going to realise his true colour very soon. Hope he doesn’t enter finals. Tharshan and Mugen are more deserving.

  2. Losliya should have gone out and not Cheran. I don’t trust Losliya. She is a very cunning girl and extremely rude when she wants to be. Please send her out ASAP. Can’t stand her.

    • That is the name of the game. Expect the unexpected. Anyway, why do you need to trust Losliya? She is not cunning but straight-forward with the right amount of guts to tell those two off. They came in for revenge. If you can’t stand her, just don’t watch her nor listen to her talk. But please watch Bigg Boss.

  3. The person who should go out is Vanitha. She is such a moron. She need to see at her life before commenting about others. She has never being a good daughter,good mother, good wife but talks as though she knows all.


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