Vote Below If Losliya deserve Pachondhi (Chameleon) Award at Bigg Boss house?

bigg boss season 3 september 6

Losliya is awarded with Pachondhi Award at Bigg Boss house by judges Abhirami, Sakshi and Mohan Vaidhya. According to them she is the most fake person in Bigg Boss house who keeps changing colour like Chameleon. Does she deserve this award. Vote below in our voting poll.

Losliya deserves Pachondhi Award

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  1. first thing who is pachondhi.( MOHAN VAITHYA.SAKSI AGARWAL.VANITHA..SHERINSHRINGAR.CHERAN.)this are the fools we can call tham pachondh stupit.from.saudi arabia

  2. Losliya deserves worse title than this!! She is top notch ‘kedi’ of Bigg Boss season 3 Tamil! If at such a young age she is so cunning & manipulative, imagine her in another 10 years time!! She will be another Sasikala ‘Amma’ ???

  3. o Losliy is one of the best truthful candidate she did not lie or be fake the three judgs are fools and jealousy Losliya does not deserve this award at all
    She deseves to be the Title winner from all
    Shaksy and Mohan and Abhi all three were fake otherwise they wd not got evicted Dont understand Y Big boss decides to send the evicted contestents back to the house please gv better innocent guys a chance NOT FOOLS AND JEALOUSY PARTICIPANTS TO BE SENT THEY ARE FAVOURING AND JUDGING WRONLY
    from uae

    • Losliya is a lazy girl and just tailing kavin. She was telling its only friendship and once sskshi is evicted falling all over Kavin, the worst womaniser. She deserves the award the most..

    • Losliya is so cunning and manipulative! She is at least 24 years old, an adult, and the eldest daughter in her family. She is behaving indecently, on tv, for the whole world to see. I guess she wants the whole world to know her name at any cost….I feel for her parents. Cheran and others, please don’t support this kind of bad behaviour from anyone; this is setting bad example for the next generation. Everyone has at least one difficulty in their lives…your true character comes out during difficult times. Please, no more excuses for people like this!


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