Vijay Tv anchor VJ Jacqueline is joining Bigg Boss 5 Tamil as a contestant

Jacquline Bigg Boss 5 Tamil

It is noteworthy that the Bigg Boss season 5, which is slated to launch on October 3 on Vijay TV, has generated immense anticipation. We see news about who the contestants are who will be attending this event from time to time.

The show has already featured a host of contestants, including actor Imaan Annachi, Shakeela’s daughter Mila, VJ Priyanka, Cook with clown title winner Kani, RJ Vinod, Cook with Comali Sunita, British entrepreneur Renuka Praveen, actress Priya Raman, and Malaysian Nadia Chang.

It is learned that Priyanka, the popular presenter of Vijay TV, is already attending the show, and one more presenter is expected to attend. She is said to have hosted a few shows, including ‘Kalaka Povadhu Yaaru.’ This time the Bigg Boss show is expected to weed out as the contestants’ selection is perfect.


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