Vijay Matinee Kondattam 2021: How to Participate and How to Enter the Winners List?

Vijay Matinee Kondattam 2021 winners prizes list

Star Vijay is ruling the rooster with its sensational TV shows and reality shows. With Bigg Boss Tamil 5 just around the corner, Stary Vijay is leaving no stone unturned to engage the audience viewership during the afternoons. With a novel concept called, ‘Vijay Matinee Kondattam 2021’, Star Vijay is promoting watching its shows between 1:00PM to 3:30PM everyday.

The winners list of Vijay Matinee Kondattam will be revealed on a daily basis. The contest period will last until the end of July 2021 (31st of July 2021). However, the interesting twist is the winners of Vijay Matinee Kondattam 2021 will be chosen randomly.

Vijay Matinee Kondattam Contest Prizes

Considering majority of the viewers for the afternoon shows are homemakers, Vijay Matinee Kondattam will feature gifts and prizes which attract this target audience. From TVs, mixers, and grinders, the Vijay Matinee Kondattam contest in 2021 has a lot to offer. The entire list of prizes for Vijay Matinee Kondattam includes washing machines, mobile phones and other gadgets, cooking appliances, and several other products.

Vijay Matinee Kondattam Contest Winners

The winner’s list of Vijay Matinee Kondattam will be announced on a daily basis. However, the contest will continue with questions at random times between 1:00 PM IST to 3:30 PM IST.

Vijay Matinee Kondattam Promo Video

With major shows taking precedence during the evening time slots, Vijay Matinee Kondattam will spice up the viewership engagement during the afternoon hours. However, it will be interesting to see who will be the lucky winners of this contest.



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