Video of Ayra, Yash and Radhika Pandit’s Daughter Goes Viral As they Record Her First Speech!


Rocking Star Yash and Sandalwood heartthrob Radhika Pandit are active on social media after the birth of their daughter, Ayra. Ayra is been the Taimur of Karnataka. Ayra seems to be attracting all the attention for every video posted by her parents. Recently, Yash uploaded a video of her daughter’s speech.

Actor Yash posted a video with his daughter on Instagram. Radhika is in the video, sitting with a powder canister for her daughter. Yash spoke with Ayra playing the game. Ayra then spoke. Yash asks his baby daughter say ‘tata’ and Ayra responds.


As soon as Dad called, Ayra came and said hi to everyone. As soon as this video is uploaded, Yash and Radhika’s fans were excited to see their cute baby in action. The video has seen over 4.15 lakh views so far.



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