Vedha Kannada Movie OTT Release Date Satellite Rights Revealed


After so many hits like Bhajarangi, Vajrakanya, and Bhajarangi, Shiva Rajkumar and Harsha are again here to present their new hit by serving the viewers with Vedha! Everyone is so excited about the OTT release of Vedha! 

There must be so many questions going through the minds of Vedha fans like when are the makers going to release the Kannada movie vedha on OTT, who is going to be the satellite partner of vedha, what are the latest updates, and many more! To answer all these questions, we are here along with a write-up that is going to answer all these curious queries of Vedha fans. 

Vedha Kannada Movie OTT Release Date 

It is safe to predict that the Vedha OTT release date will be revealed after the movie’s theatrical debut, even if there hasn’t been an official announcement yet from the side of the makers. And this seems a bit impossible this year, but maybe the makers are waiting for the new year to surprise the fans in the year 2023! However, in the theatres, the date of release of the Kannada movie Vedha is on the 23rd of December, this year. Any latest updates on the OTT release of Vedha will be updated to the fans. 

Vedha Kannada Movie OTT Streaming Rights Partner 

Zee5 OTT Platform is known to purchase the necessary OTT rights from the makers in order to stream Vedha Movie on OTT. The filmmakers had released news about the OTT platform in a formal statement and they have already updated the Vedha fans that Zee5 is going to be the streaming rights partner of Kannada movie Vedha. 

Vedha Kannada Movie OTT Satellite Partner 

For a TV channel to air any movie on television, the film’s producer will provide them the satellite rights. The official purchaser of the Vedha movie satellite rights is TBA, who is going to broadcast the film on their television.Beforeo the satellite release, there will be a massive campaign and they will let the viewers know about that.

Vedha Kannada Movie OTT Release Date – Latest Updates 

  • In theatres, the movie Vedha will be released for viewers to watch on the 23rd of December, 2022.
  • Makers are yet to let the viewers know about the date of the release of Vedha on the OTT platform.
  • The satellite rights of Vedha is none other than TBA. 



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