Vanitha Vijayakumar quits BB Jodigal, leaves Vijay Tv for this reason


Actress Vanitha Vijayakumar has announced her sudden departure from Vijay TV. In a statement, she said that a senior actress was the reason for her expulsion. His announcement said:

“My thanks to everyone who complimented and supported my Kali incarnation on the Big Boss Couples show. I leave the Bigboss Couples show. I wanted you to see the impact I made. One can not accept bullying and harassment. It’s okay, whoever it is.

Vijay TV has become my family after the Big Boss 3 show. Cook with Clown, Who’s Gonna Mix, and participated in many shows. We have good respect within ourselves. I think it will last forever. But unprofessional, unethical behavior in the workplace is already not possible. I was harassed and humiliated by a bad person, which may be due to his arrogance, or he may not accept my career development.

Not only do men mistreat women in the workplace, but they also mistreat women, ruining the opportunities that come to us due to jealousy. However, since I am busy with my film work, you can constantly see me in movies.

It is painful to see a person who is in every way older than me, hard-working and progressive, look down on young people who are struggling to make progress and humiliate their motivation. Especially after long days of struggle, the mother of 3 children, who succeeds and finds success without the support of her family and husband, treats her like this. Women must stand up for fellow women. Rather it should not change their lives for the worse. Sadly, the Big Boss couples are getting answers from the show. Congratulations to all the other contestants.

Success alone is not important. It is essential to participate in the competition and accept the challenge. Suresh Chakraborty, sorry. I have to do what is right for me. I want you to leave the show too, ”said Vanitha Vijayakumar.



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