Vanitha Vijayakumar is back in Bigg Boss 3 Tamil – Day 51

vanitha vijayakumar back bigg boss 3

After Sakshi getting evicted from Bigg Boss Tamil and this Monday being the 51st day of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 something out of ordinary was expected and Vijay Tv has not disappointed the fans. Vanitha Vijayakumar the outspoken controversial contestant is back in the house to create some more ruckus and this time as a temporary guest. The promo starts with a dance from her and Cheran with Kasthuri welcoming her with a garland. All the other contestants were shocked to see her back in the house and Losliya’s face was lit up seeing her. She dance with Madhumitha and Abirami hugged her. True to her outspoken nature she commented about the relationships of the contestants and called them worthless. Kavin was taken aback from her words and we have to wait and watch tonight how it really unfolds.



  1. Sakshi should not be eliminated, Tamil nadu people are very biased, then why the h—— introduce north indian heriones.
    very biased losliya should get out of the house, kavin should get out

  2. வணிதா நீ ஒரு சகுனி, நீ வீட்டுக்குள்ள கால வெச்சவுடனே சன்ட வந்துடுச்சு, என்ன விஜய் டிவி ல சொல்லி அனுப்பி வெச்சாங்கலா உன்ன.. பிரச்சனைய கிளப்பி TRP வாங்க பாக்கறாங்களா… சீசீசீசீசீ போய் தொல…..

  3. Why did they send Vanitha into the home why is she spreading the wrong things please send her out did bigg Boss got mental or what

  4. Luxury budget task ku Vanitha va guest ah varavachu edhuku veliya anupula andha saniyana….Ava veliya ponum nu vote podama anupunavanga kenaingla illa bigboss viewers kenaingla***CK bigboss tamil

  5. Allowing Vanitha to ‘re enter in the house is not acceptable. If she had eliminated earlier based on viewers vote, how the big boss is allowing her to enter again. There is no value for public votes…

  6. This Vanitha is a devil.The moment she stepped into the bigg boss house again,all hellllllllllll broke loose.A major catastrophic situation.Its very clear she’s targeting Mugen,Tharshan and Los liya.This Madhumitha is also creating a lot of commotion under the influence of her.This Vanitha said that she is trying to solve the issues that are happening around bigg boss,But looks to me,she’s just making things worst.At first i thought that she was on a role, after watching everything.But i was wrong.She is seriously unbeliveable.Honestly speaking,I think no human being can handle this Vanitha.No words to describe her actually.

  7. கமல் சார் உங்களுடைய மரியாதையை கெடுத்து இருக்கீங்க வனிதா உள்ள விட்டதனால்


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