US stock market attains much needed green zone post choppy session


The US stock market equities stuck themselves to the gains as the markets closed for the day. This led to their good earnings from a number of companies when the global market is lowering and part of the government shutdown.

The major companies that made it up to the mark in the Wall Street exchange have showcased their equities to bring the investors to attention post-results. The S&P 500 (^GSPC) went up 0.22%, or 5.8 points, IBM (IBM) increased 8% The Dow (^DJI) rose about 0.7%, or 171.14 points, after losing about 100 points in the previous session. The Nasdaq (^IXIC) went up by 0.08%, or 5.41 points at the market close, as reported on Wednesday morning. The results were, of course, positive about the upcoming market growth in the US.

After the consumer goods displayed the budgetary second-quarter sales and earnings, the Peer Dow component Procter & Gamble (PG) shares earned the profit. Thus, the company might show up a good growth in the financial year of 2019 it seems. Similarly, the United Technologies (UTX) is also expecting an increased growth rate in generating revenue and gains in 2019.

Although the investors can see good growth in the stock market for the US, they are yet to predict the future dialect for the same. The investors have faced tough situations and pressures in the trade-relations already. Kevin Hassett, an economic advisor at the White House stated that the US-China trade war will certainly come to negotiation by March 1, the deadline date as soon as the hold on the supplementary tariffs is lifted. He said that the agreement between the two trade giants is already pacing up. A lot of other improvement is yet to be made but the situation dictates of a positive future. It is the Chinese who need to be aware of the great potential lying in the US and come up with a good deal, said Hassett during the interview with CNN. Hassett also presented the data of the Chinese economic growth rate at a speed of 6.6% in the year 2018 which has been the slowest in two decades. The economic advisor said that the GDP of the US will definitely be affected by the partial government shutdown. This impact could be a zero growth if the shutdown continued till the first quarter of 2019.

The government shutdown has marked the rise of private sector leaders like Jamie Dimon, the CEO in JPMorgan. He discussed the results of the partial shutdown of the government with the investors.


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