Ullu’s Much Awaited Series ‘Charmsukh Trapped’ Trailer, Cast, Plot, Review, Unseen Pictures Revealed!


It has been a while since ULLU Entertainment has been providing the audience with content which they approve of. Another major web series released by ULLU Enterprises has been Charmsukh Trapped.

The plot sounds simple yet is so intricate. It deals with a happy couple whose relationship hits a huge obstacle once they get trapped. The major characters of Charmsukh Trapped include Priya Kamra, Kumar Shyam and Arvind Manoj.

The show has been streaming on the ULLU app since February 7th 2020.

Trailer of Charmsukh Trapped Web Series

Charmsukh Trapped is an adult web series that has been streaming on ULLU app. The choice for adult web series is usually ULLU app. The blend of comedy and fun in Charmsukh Trapped unfortunately takes a turn for the worse.

Things escalate negatively for the happy couple and they fall deep into the pit of being trapped in a huge dilemma. They find it immensely difficult to get themselves out. They struggle to find an escape route.

Watch the trailer of Charmsukh Trapped here:

Plot of Charmsukh Trapped Web Series

Charmsukh Trapped begins with the narrative of a beautiful young girl and her boyfriend. The young girl invites her boyfriend home. They have been constantly teased about not consummating their relationship. The girl is a virgin and her boyfriend feels that he has the right over her and he knows what she wants. But the girl has no such intention and asks him to back off when he tries to kiss her.

The girl is what society would call hot and she is madly in love with her boyfriend. But the situation turns towards a worse end when the couple who lead a life of romance have to take a decision between taking impossible risks or giving their lives away. The girl begins to get blackmailed by an anonymous figure. Their downward spiral begins here on.

Cast of Charmsukh Trapped Web Series

The heart and soul of a web series are the actors. The main people who portray the story through their display of the characters. It is a very difficult decision for the makers to find a cast that is well suiting to the script. The actors have to be so good that they leave a mark in the minds of the viewers.

The actors of Charmsukh Trapped have managed to do the same. The cast has left a remarkable mind in the minds of the viewers. The successful cast includes Priya Kamra, Neha Saxena, Kumar Shyam and Arvind Manoj

How to Watch Charmsukh Trapped Web Series Web Series Online?

It has been a while since ULLU app has been providing content that has caught the eye of the viewers. It has been constant with its high quality content. The visuals have been breathtaking which make the story line all the more relatable.

The subscription plan begins at a meager price range of Rs 72 for 6 months to Rs 99 for a period of a year. This is an important factor that has led to ULLU app being a success. Charmsukh Trapped Web Series will be streaming on the ULLU app.

To watch the show you have to follow the next few simple steps:

  • Go to your Play store or App store account
  • Subscribe to ULLU app
  • Watch the web series Charmsukh Trapped Web Series on the ULLU app



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