True reason for Sanam-Bala fight revealed in unseen video. Watch


Sanam Shetty and Balaji Murugadoss are two of the most popular contestants in the ongoing Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4. Not once, Sanam and Bala have fought with each other several times and every time, their fights only became nastier and uglier. Initially, Sanam accused Balaji of letting lose words against a fashion show that she was a part of. Balaji called the show dubaakoor which hurt Sanam.

During the weekend episode, Kamal Haasan told Balaji and the show and her work was a virtue for Sanam and it’s not advisable for people to make fun of it. However, there’s more to the story.


Last week, a promo of Sanam listing complaints against Balaji was released and was later taken down. In the promo, Sanam accused Balaji of using the words “Adjust and Compromise” when he spoke about her work. These derogatory words were cut out from the promo and the telecast as well.

Now, an unseen video is doing the rounds on the internet. In the video, Sanam told Balaji, “You said there was a lot of sleeping around involved.” This bit was not cut from the video. Netizens are up in arms against Balaji and Vijay Television for not releasing the video. They called out the channel for backing Balaji.


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