Top 10 Kodi Addons for June 2019

kodi addons june 2019

If you are tired of using the same old Kodi Addons, it’s time for a change. Whether it is movies, TV shows, cartoon, music or even sports, you will find an apt one for your purpose in the list below. In case of Kodi Addons the popular ones gets knocked out of the market once a new and attractive replacement crops up. One has to smart enough to choose the right one for the long run.

  1. Exodus

The new version 8.1 of the Exodus is winning the hearts of users worldwide. It shows the latest movies and TV shows with a lot of filter options. There is an interesting story behind this addon.

  1. The Magic Dragon

The second addon on my list is The Magic Dragon. It comprises a wide range of HD video files. You can find movies, TV shows, sports and even radio channels. There is a bit of extra effort required to find the links for the videos but apart from that it’s amazing.

  1. Overeasy

If you always end up not being able to find the desired movie or show then Overeasy should be your ‘go-to’ Kodi addon. This addon comes with an amazing search option that has quite a few filters. It can stream shows and movies without any problems.

  1. Yoda

These days mainstream categories are generic and obvious to look at. With Yoda you can explore new categories and this is the USP of this addon. In terms of technicality, this addon uses the same code as the Exodus and Genesis Reborn.

  1. Exodus Redux

As you can speculate from the name of this addon, it is much more than the replica of Exodus. This addon is dependent on Lamda scrapper that searches for high quality videos. It is quite fast in comparison to other addons. The appearance of this addon is slightly different from Exodus.

  1. Movie Theatre Butter

Next up is the Movie Theatre Butter addon which is believed to be the exact clone of the Exodus. The unique part about this addon is that it starts streaming the best quality video of a particular movie. This cuts down the irritating process of hunting down the best quality videos.

  1. Tempest

While many addons have gained popularity in the past few days, Tempest is not much behind in the race. This brand new addon gets regular updates and therefore one can rely on this. This is a very decent alternative to Exodus.

  1. Genesis Reborn

The next addon to rock through the month of June is Genesis Reborn. This addon was earlier abandoned by their developers. Later on they worked on the bugs, improved it and renamed it to Genesis Reborn. It is pretty decent in terms of movies.

  1. Gen-X

If you are looking for some niche categories of movies, Gen-X is an excellent option for you. Another addon called Maverick TV is almost identical to Gen-X. In fact they both have been prepared by the same developers.

  1. Monster Munch

Last but not the least is the Monster Munch addon. This addon has gained popularity because of its built and structure. Unlike other addons which are built on thecodes of Exodus, Monster Much brings in a different experience along with a great collection of movies, TV shows, documentaries, live channels and what not.


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