Too Hot to Handle Cast David Birtwistle Wiki, Bio, Relationship, Unseen Photos and Unknown Facts


David Birtwistle is a British Gym trainer and Nutrition coach. He will be appearing on the Netflix dating reality show ‘Too Hot to Handle’. David Birtwistle is a British fitness enthusiast and nutrition coach. Along with these professions he is also a YouTuber. David has his own channel based on Fitness and normal vlogs as well. David owns the channel named ‘David Birtwistle’ but does not have many subscribers or viewers. The reality show will help to increase his fanbase. The dating show will help him gain popularity. The series will be releasing on April 17th 2020.


David Birtwistle’s Age and Date of Birth

David is currently 26 years old but his date of birth is still unknown

David Birtwistle’s Parents

David’s family details have not been revealed as of now but more is expected to be uncovered through the show

David Birtwistle’s Hometown

David has been born and brought up in London, United Kingdom. His nationality is British but his ethnicity is unknown

David Birtwistle’s Relationship

David is mostly single. He would not have been on a dating show had he been committed.

David Birtwistle’s Instagram

David has about 25.9 thousand followers on his Instagram. His Instagram handle is @david.birtwistle

To check on David’s lifestyle, take a look at his Instagram profile:

David Birtwistle’s Height and Weight

David’s height has not been revealed but taking into consideration his pictures his height should be around 5 feet and 11 inches or more. He has a good physic considering he is a gym trainer.

David Birtwistle’s Body Measurements

David’s body measurements are still unknown. But considering he is a gym trainer and nutritionist he will have a well maintained body

David Birtwistle’s Education

David is a qualified Petroleum Engineer. He was always exceptional in studies along with pursuing his career as a gym trainer

David Birtwistle’s Unknown Facts

  • David was born and raised in London, United Kingdom. His nationality is British but his ethnicity is unknown
  • David is a YouTube content creator. However, he does not have many subscribers and viewers on his YouTube channel
  • David will be making his TV debut with the show ‘Too Hot To Handle’. David will be one of the contestants on the show
  • David joined the television series in order to gain popularity


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