Tokyo Revengers Chapter 211 Spoilers Raw Scans and Potential Release Date Revealed?


Tokyo Revengers lauded as a modern classic in the shounen genre. With the amazing art style it has been elevated to the level of Bleach and Naruto. The characters are extremely dynamic, and their growth and the various machinations are a delight to read. The manga artist (mangaka) has announced we were in the final arc from Chapter 207.

A mishmash of genres as both a science fiction as well an exploration of juvenile delinquency in Japanese youth. This is one that completely works. Since, we are in the final arc, each and every update is of importance.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 211 Spoilers and Raws

  • Draken is here, the most awaited entry in the manga.
  • Draken is none other than Ken Ryuguji, the leader of the ill fated Tokyo Manji gang whose brutal murder of Takeimichi’s ex kickstarts the whole plot of the manga.
  • Takemichi reveals the truth of his time leap, and Draken advises him that going after Mikey is a suicide misson.
  • Mikey is the trigger for the time travel element, and Takemichi knows that his friendship with Mikey is the key to every single happening in the story.
  • Mikey has gone in too deep, and Takemichi knows that he has the responsibility to rescue him.
  • Draken it seems has taken over Mikey’s family bike shop.
  • One of three deities Terano South are here. The mighty gang leader’s spot in the previous chapter gave this reader chills.
  • Terano offers Draken to join his gang. What a twist! This is true ray of hope for Takemichi.
  • Mikey and Takemichi will not meet anytime soon.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 211 Theories

It seems Draken will not be accepting Terano’s offer, but it seems Takemichi will take up the offer. Mikey has changed drastically and there is very little chance that Takemichi can save his friend. Hope seems to be a far away thing right now in this manga. As the arcs are ending, loose ends will be tied up for sure. We are all rooting for the two friends to reunite in a safe space and live their best lives.

Redditors belive that Takemichi will give unite the gangs with an inspiring speech, and save Mikey with his efforts. Draken will definitely take on the South gang members. One thing is for sure, the next chapters will be action packed.


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