This would be the first Indian movie to be releasing in China after Covid 19 Pandemic

super 30 china release

The coronavirus, believed to be the instrument of the world’s destruction, was first seen in the blood of a pneumonia patient at Wuhan Central Hospital in China’s suburbs. Since then, it has spread around the world, hitting an estimated 1850000 people out of which 110,00 people died.

China, which was first affected by coronavirus, has returned to normalcy after a 74-day long curfew in the country. Movie theatres in China have opened and many films which didnot release in China are now released one by one. An Indian film is also set to release in China. This movie stars Hritik Roshan in the role of a math professor.

The movie, Super 30, which was released in Hindi last year with a completely different version of actor Hrithik Roshan, was released in Wuhan in December last year. The film did not come to the screen due to the various curfew and restrictions. China has allowed the film industry to monitor and screen the censorship of the film. It is reported that the film will be released in China within a week.



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