This is how much Bigg Boss runner Balaji Murugadoss earned for his 105 days stay inside Bigg Boss house

Balaji Murugadoss Salary Bigg Boss

It is known that the runner of the Bigg Boss season 4 was Balaji and he was at the Bigg Boss house for 105 days. But at the same time it is noteworthy that Balaji is the lowest paid of the Bigg Boss contestants.
Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Balaji Murugadoss
It is noteworthy that Balaji, who had a daily salary of Rs 10,000 for 105 days, got only Rs 10.5 lakhs. It is noteworthy that Rekha, who was the first to leave the Bigg Boss house in just 14 days, got Rs 14 lakhs, while Balaji, who was 105 days, got Rs 3.5 lakhs less than what she earned.

It is also worth mentioning that Suresh is the lowest paid total earner this season and he has been paid Rs 3.5 lakh as he has a daily salary of Rs 10,000 for his stay of 35 days. It is also worth noting that this amount is unofficial and the information is collected from various social networking sites.



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